Medievia Mudslinger

September 9th, 2001

Wedding Announcements - By Maleah

It's that time again. Time to catch up on all the gossip of Medievia's hottest couples and newly weds. I was in Amity's bridal shop looking over her wares (never hurts to keep an eye on fashions when one has a celebration of ones own shortly) and struck up a conversation with Amity herself. Being the owner of a bridal shop, Amity (she's such a doll) seems to be in the know when it comes to wedding gossip. (I must make it a point to drop by more often.)

It seems that Chedomila was in the shop not too long ago looking for a veil. When Amity asked about her dress style so to find a coordinating element of headgear, Chedomila mentioned that there wasn't going to be a wedding dress. Can you imagine? I'd like to think that you can't, actually, but never mind. I later talked to Selthios and he said Chedomila was married to Mordius in nothing but a veil on her head and a vibrant purple flower in her hand. The groom was in similar fashion with a perfect white rose, shrouded in ice (and minus the veil of course). No one in attendance seemed to notice the bride and groom were naked. Are naked marriages becoming the latest trend? I say we bring back the bell bottoms instead. In any case, Amity also that had heard Tealyn and Torwin were married not to long ago in an early morning ceremony. Darlings - remember than Maleah likes to attend those weddings that are after lunch, hmm? If you're planning on inviting me (and you are, aren't you?) then take heed :)

Later that day Danika dropped by my office to chat just as I was taking a fresh batch of gingerbread newbies out of the oven (good timing, eh?). With a mouth half full of gingerbread Danika told me about how Bethica and Torx had tied the knot in real life. Apparently, Torx lived in Germany and she in California. He flew over for a visit and before you know it, they were hitched. I'm not entirely sure where those areas are - not on zonelist anywhere - but I'll get around to finding it sometime.

About that time, Excrucior popped in (I think he smelled the cookies). He had just come from performing Tiffany and Waverly's rededication ceremony. They had decided it was time to renew their vows. Its good to see that people still take those seriously. Congrats to all of our newly weds and rededicated couple.

Here's the update on our (Vheni and I) wedding. We haven't pinned down a date yet, but I think we have settled on a December wedding. I am still checking out possible locations so if any of you have any recommendations let me know. And I think I have my dress narrowed down to three choices. A white silk wedding dress adorned with crystals or A white satin dress with a lace overlay or white velvet wedding dress trimmed with lace. Tough choice to make. Amity has been a huge help with planning. I would recommend her to anyone (and I get 5% off when I do).

I guess that's it for this edition. Keep those announcement and invitations (hint hint) coming. Remember the more details the better.


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