Medievia Mudslinger

September 9th, 2001

Heroing Announcements - By Maleah

Aloha from Stone City. This month's party for new heroes is a luau. Fake palm trees, grass skirts, coconut drinks with the little umbrellas in them, and leis make it an official luau. Well, it does where I come from and that's all you need to know. The AMAZING Mumphurt was the host of this party and the entertainment. (Word to the wise, if you ever decide to attend one of Mumphurt's magic shows make sure you are sanc'd and in heavy armor.)

In between the show and dinner, I had a chance to mingle with the guests. The first person I had the pleasure of chatting with was Velsie. She was able to attend the party thanks to the efforts of Ara, the Apprentice of Alcordian. It seems that Velsie was leading a form of clannies through Alcordian and was able to gain enough experience points to hero. Her dad couldn't be prouder.

Draykilas was also in attendance (and sports a grass skirt quite well for a guy). He achieved hero in only a year with the help of clannies, townies, and a very unfortunate beastman. These days he leads his own clan so if you see him, give him a big hug, eh?

After the show we all sat down for some cookies, pop-overs, and cherry-filled pastries compliments of the Ye Olde Bakery. The original menu was a roasted pig, but it seems Mumphurt had forgotten where he buried the thing. (Another word to the wise, if you ever attend an event hosted by Mumphurt eat before you arrive.) During 'dinner' I was seated next to none other than Jalumia. He was in comparing battle scars with Higlac. It seems that Higlac has over a thousand deaths and has ten thousand hours of playing experience. Jalumia on the other hand has over one thousand five hundred hours and way too many deaths. Both had some pretty good war stories and nasty scars to prove it. All in all, I think everyone had a good time regardless.

That's it for this edition. Be sure to keep sending in those announcements and include lots of details! Congrats to Medievia's newest heroes.


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