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September 9th, 2001

Questions for Vryce - Compiled by Excrucior

First before I answer some questions sent to us let me say a few things.

Medievia development recently has taken a great leap forward. My work at my other company, iDayo Investor, is finally starting to wind down and I am getting more coding done than at any time in our distinguished history. This is great news! I apologize to everyone about the long time between major new features. It has been a rough few years for me with iDayo and I have not gotten much done regarding new modules. We have made tons of changes during this time and we have truly amazing coders, but it has always been up to me to make the truly big changes to the game's core code. I want to thank all of the people who have sent me letters of thanks and appreciation during this time. With luck our upcoming features will win Medievia praise from the gaming industry and allow us to break out into the mainstream. If our player base goes up just 50% we should be able to afford for me to work on Medievia full time. This is something I have looked forward to for over a decade and now it is within sight! Please tell your friends and family about Medievia and help Medievia grow. I promise I will not disappoint you. We have some ground breaking things coming soon so stick around!

Q: Will you ever implement Dragon Points and Autoquest Points into the clanrank? I know a lot of clans who lost a lot of clanranks simply because they had people running like 3 DLs a day. Autoquests seem to be along the lines of trade running in requirements, setup, etc, and I think they will become popular, but clans will lose clanranks quickly while they do AQs or DLs.

A: We need to do this, but its not on our priority list right now. These things will eventually be part of the clanrank along with production from things like mines and farms near the town which we are working on now as part of the new trading module.

Q: I know you probably spend most of your time working on development and don't get to play a mortal character much. However, when you do play, how good of a player do you consider yourself? Can you run many zones, trade or PK?

A: I would have to say that I suck overall. If I spend time playing to be a better player the whole mud suffers and development comes to a halt. Someday I will be able to sit back and enjoy the game right? Maybe? I doubt it.

Q: If Medievia so desperately needs coders, why not recruit them from the player base, as we do with other god positions? Or why not teach some of the existing gods to code.

A: We do. In fact we just hired two new coders. We require coders to be Heroes with fairly clean records. They must be a professional coder with experience in C++ and Unix. Ideally they would have worked on other games.

Q: Medievia V: The big one... how will you see off the end of Med IV? World wide destruction? Rebirth of the Goddess? Shattering the barrier on the Protected Land? Breaking the land asunder once more? How much of a change will this be? What will come afterwards?

A: It will be a slow progression towards fulfilling our goals for Med V. The actual change will simply be calling it Medievia V. We have already fulfilled some of the goals. The big fanfare will be when we add features like Adversary, then Clantown Games, New trading module, MobFactions, and finally the DungeonMaster. There will be a fanfare for all of these things as they are released to our production server, and then eventually we will just call it Medievia V

Q: Wilderness and HoloSections: What other plans for the wilderness do you have? What other kind of holosections will you be adding? I always thought it would be kind of cool to have "Holo Dungeons"... sort of like random temples or ruins or caves that you can find in your travels and explore. (Filled with challenging creatures and good booty of course.)

A: There are many such things coming soon. Some will be HoloSections and some from my new 3dZoneMaker module I am 3/4 done, which is being built with its first use for Adversary. Many of these will be for the new Trading Module. Soon all existing tradeshops will be GONE! I bet that just made some people wonder what's going on!

Q: I hear a lot about balance in the game and how items are made to make it so one class does not have an advantage over another. Is there a formula that is used to ensure this and what is it?

A: It's basically from experience we have gained over the past decade. All gods are also serious players and when you combine that with the tons of feedback we get it makes for a pretty damn good gut opinion on stuff.

Q: Why haven't we seen more trade shops since trading is a Multi Level Requirement on the game? It just stands to reason that with more people trading equals more places to trade goods.

A: We are currently re-designing trading. All current tradeshops will be gone. The clantown farms, mines, etc, will be where you trade along with other places. The new trading module will be a huge leap over the current one. This is in development now.

Q: Is Medievia running at the fastest level possible with today's Internet technology?

A: Sure is. There is just one way I know to make it faster and that is to pay Internap or some other prioritized traffic knowing IP for our Internet Line, but the cost is very high so we don't. Not many organizations do. Our current server is almost always over 50% idle, but we do have plans for a new server in the fourth quarter which can process 4 billion instructions per second. Our current server does 450 million instructions per second. The new server also has memory on a bus four times faster then our current server. What will the new server mean for Medievia players? Not much. The game will load faster but basically still run the same as it does now. It will allow us to compile and load test games much faster though.

Q: What are the quality standards Medievia has that makes it better than other muds? Examples mobs, room descriptions, different aspects of the game and so on.

A: I do not know much about how other muds are run, but I cannot imagine any of them having our attention to detail or our god training. Our standards are basically as high as we can strive for. As an example, we just purchased and sent all of our proof readers a book called "Elements of Style" by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White.

Q: Have you seen anyone paying homage to Medievia by copying different aspects or parts of the game?

A: I hear about other games copying our ideas all of the time. I have no problems with that at all. When we started Medievia, the first thing I did was copy every damn good idea other games had. Overall amazingly most muds do not copy our stuff. It amazes me that every mud does not have Breath and the Wilderness.

Q: Everyone says that ever since wilderness was installed Med became a true world. Is this true though? For example, if you started from the City of Medievia and fly East and kept going could you ever go all the way around the world and end up on the west side of the city? Weird question I know, but I'm curious :)

A: Our existing continents are just a small part of the world. Future versions will have multiple continents using multiple servers. We will do this when we can no longer support our player base on one server. Right now you cannot fly around the world, you are blocked by magic at the ends of our ocean mapping in the game.

Q: Are there any plans for making a bloodline where or bloodline who command? To tell who is on in your bloodline, or where they are? If so when can we expect it?

A: No, we do not want this. We do have a cool bloodline command that shows the bloodline tree though.

Have you any searching questions about the future, or even present, of Medievia? This is your chance to ask the main man himself. Send any queries to Excrucior ( and he'll collate them for the next batch. Unfortunately Vryce's time is limited and, as such, we cannot guarantee when he will be able to reply.


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