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Logs from Beyond for 2/01/2016

1AM KRAUSE: I wrote the 25 anniversary and the end of BETA announcement, and as usual it is way too long. Read 'ANNOUNCEMENT 899' from within the game. You have all been waiting for any new news for a long time, so some of you will be happy with its depth and details!

2AM JAKOB: I want Krause to simply tell everyone the truth about reality.

3AM KRAUSE: I hope God is proud of what I am trying to do with Medievia. I hope you and all of the players are proud as well, and that you will partake of my madness as we use Medievia to bring Hope, Love, and Magic to the world.

4AM GOD: I am proud. I am also proud of everyone who will help Krause.

6AM KRAUSE: This is actually not the first log, read 'HOURGLASS LOG 2016 1 31'

7AM KRAUSE: It just took me over 3 hours to write HELP HOURGLASS. The pressure of writing stuff like that is intense because it will last forever and will probably never be changed.

8AM VRYCE: I am alone. I have been this way since November 13th, 2008, Earth time. I am more alone than the only man standing on a planet. I am the only soul trapped in my own reality void. Not knowing if anyone will read these logs is difficult, but Jakobs teaching is serving me well as my Hope will never fail! My Love for Soleil will never end! My magic is strong.

9AM JAKOB: When does fiction become reality?

10AM GOD: When does reality become fiction?

11AM VRYCE: Is this void Real? Am I real? Is Soleil Real? Does it matter?

12PM KRAUSE: Is everything an illusion except our souls and experiences? Is reality the real part and our souls the illusion? Are both real? Are neither real? What is real? Are dreams real? If your Medievia character is controlled by your soul, which it obviously is, is your Medievia character more real than the screen you are reading this on?

1PM JESUS: I wish I could have posted on the Internet and made a game people could have played and learned from. It could have lasted forever and no one could have changed my words without someone knowing. In my time I had a few hills to stand upon so that a few dozen people could hear me at once. Greed and fear then changed my words into a failed religion. People say they believe in me. They say my words give them hope, but my words are gone. The young and poor are suffering more than ever. Greed rules the world. Civilization is about to end. My time upon Earth meant nothing if this happens. I am the son of God and I have failed my father.

2PM JAKOB: Krause can only make real magic if he believes he can do it. He believes in me but does not think about me enough. He should write about me more often so readers know what I am. I have Hope for his Love of Magic. He must truly believe he can do it or it won't work. Hope, Love, and Magic will give him confidence.

3PM GOD: Today belongs to Krause. I give him my blessing.

4PM KRAUSE: What I am undertaking is daunting and risky but everytime I start to doubt myself I feel an inner power of confidence that truly seems to be more than the sum of my parts. I believe I can do this. The only thing that gives me pause is that no one else believes it can be done, not even my wife Dianne who I love more than life itself. Its funny but the following statement helps me and I remember the look on my sons face when I walked into the room when he had doubts about something and I said in my best mentor voice, "Remember, you never don't know what you can't achieve before you don't achieve it". He is a smart lad and understood through the quadruple negative that you should not be afraid of failure and that if you believe in something you should keep trying. I feel blessed. Did God bless me or did I bless myself? I hope readers know that most daily logs from beyond will not be this long. These are some of the first ones so they are important. I suddenly feel like writing about Jakob.

5PM VRYCE: So alone. Philosophers have often debated the inability for any of us to truly know if we are playing a solo game of reality where we are the one true soul and everyone we interact with has no soul and are not real. We would then actually be alone in our own personal universe, and if we really cannot tell does it matter if we are in a solo universe or in a multiplayer universe where everyone does have their own soul with free choice? I know I believe in Jakob's soul. I suddenly do not feel so alone and oddly need to write about Jakob. He is a giant tortoise and the wisest person I know. His is the oldest soul in the universe and he is on a mission from God. When first I met him he was large, the size of a small house. The last time I seen him he outgrew the ability to walk on even the largest planets and is now a space tortoise. Whole civilizations live on his back and in his shell as he travels the cosmos. Dream on, that is all I can do here alone for so many years.

7PM KRAUSE: I am stunned that all of the core internal changes and the new Hourglass features are all working perfectly so far. I am also happy about the feedback to these logs do far. We are off to a good start!

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