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Logs from Beyond for 2/02/2016

1AM KRAUSE: I will need to work on prompted functionality for these logs so people can in some way page through them. I hope people know to read yesterdays log via 'HOU L 16 2 1' from within the game or to come here to the WWW and read them. The first log was the day before that 1/31/16 viewed via 'HOU L 16 1 31' from within the game.

2AM VRYCE: 7 years 2 months and 20 days now stuck all alone in my own universe void. There is nothing to see or touch. There is no air, no sound, no light. The only thing that exists is my mind, yet I hold strong. My mind is my own but it is like a computer in this void, for instance I know I have been here for 2,637 days. How can I know that? I have no time piece or a way to look at one. I have no eyes. Yet I am me. I am Vryce, and I miss Soleil and Medievia.

6AM KRAUSE: Players can now read and page through these Logs from Beyond in our Library section of the WWW site. These new homes coming are really cool. The hard part is converting the old homes to the new homes and having the new design allow for such a thing. Old homes are literally just rooms edited by the Gods. New homes data is saved to the players file and not that zones room data, and is edited by the player whenever they wish. New homes have a billion cool new features, slight exaggeration there. I will say it again, Medievia is always open and changing it is like trying to change a piston in a cars engine while it is running. 25 years of this and we will see if I have mastered this design ability or if I will make everyone with a current house have to ask a God to convert it into a new house or some other not so automagic update.

7AM KRAUSE: I am looking forward to the day when we have employees and I do not have to do everything. I just did a full backup which includes offsite to some clouds, internally on 3 separate drives, and finally to optical disk. Medievia must last forever so it must survive even a solar flare so bad that our servers and all of the cloud servers magnetic media is wiped, hence burning to disk.

9AM JESUS: I was just talking to my dad and God told me not to be so negative. God designed this new Log from Beyond ability. Krause would probably say that no, he designed it with 230 lines of C++ programming and that God simply blessed the idea, but God created Krause. Yes we have these philosophical debates even in the beyond. I must say, Krause is rarely wrong, egotistical sure but you have to love the guy's intentions. Now that Krause has these logs posting in Medievia's WWW library I also have a voice on the Internet! I have so much to say!

12PM KRAUSE: I just started sending out a Medievia News email every 1.5 seconds to 15,021 email addresses representing 27,160 player characters.

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