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The hourglass feature has 3 parts:
 - Multiplier bonuses scheduled on the hours all day, every day.
 - A mysterious 'Log From Beyond' updated many times every day.
 - A PK game inside a big rotating hourglass all day, every day.

The whole thing will be explained in amazing fictional detail in a STORY
chapter after the PK game is done testing.


Use the HOURGLASS command to see what the current multipliers are and what
is scheduled for the next day.

It is all stackable, so hourglass experience bonus stacks onto fog and
onto any global experience bonus and finally to personal experience bonus
via Faeorbs. Exploration experience bonus stacks onto the special
exploration week bonuses, etc.

Faecrab perks give extra Faecrab Ship Gold, Faecrab Player Fae, and
Faecrab Experience. Faeball perks gives extra Gold and Fae. Underocean Fae
multipliers affect underocean lifeform fae, and underocean mobfaction fae.
The Dragonlair Hide bonus is the one that does not stack with the week
hide specials, they both simply give you another hide. The rest is pretty
self explanatory.

It needs to be noted that any deed must be finished before the scheduled
bonus runs out. Just as you could have started an autoquest a long time
ago but get the bonus if you finish it the moment an hourglass scheduled
autoquest bonus starts, as you will not get the bonus if you started it
during the bonus but finish it just after it ends.

Lastly at this time the PK game inside the big rotating hourglass is not
finished testing and not implemented on the public server. When it is, the
scheduled bonuses will only happen if enough players have been playing the
PK game and turning the giant hourglass. For now we will allow the
scheduled bonuses to go on so they can be tested.


Use the HOURGLASS command to read the current logs from beyond. Vryce, me,
(Krause), writes every word myself and updates the log throughout every
day. The commitment you will see will be inspiring. The humor will make
you laugh. The common sense will help ground your internal voice of
reason. The boldness of it will always surprise you. The mixing of
reality, fiction, and religion will make you question my madness and my
genius and we will all see that both are thriving.

Reading this log is not needed to enjoy the game. I suspect many of you
will read it religiously while many more will rarely ever give it a
glance. I only promise that it will be good for your soul if you do give
it more than a glance now and then.

We know Medievia is more than a game. It's foreverness, it's depth, it's
filled with real souls playing in it. The fact that it is the nexus for
many friendships and happenings that will forever affect those who play
the game make it more than 'just a game'. I met my wife Dianne in

My intention is to now do something new with Medievia. Being more than a
game was Medievia IV, this is MEDIEVIA V! I will be creating a new genre
of game because of the story and log from beyond. The story so far and
what is coming HELP STORY is itself very bold. I write in players actual
deeds right into the story, immortalizing the player and what they did.

If you read the story you will get deep into some twisted fiction, more
twisted than anything I have read and I have read many thousands of books.
You will follow the character Vryce beyond the beyond, and then beyond
that, and learn many things as your soul becomes wiser about the nature of
your current reality. Everything will make sense, more sense than any
philosophy or religion you may have read. I believe I have studied it all.
It will make sense but also be really twisted, such is the nature of
nature. Such is the nature of the truth.

That being said about the story, if you also read the logs from beyond you
will be treated with a constant stream of my mad genius mix of imagination
and logic that will go way beyond and behind the story. Medievia is my
life's achievement that I will now literally put my soul into. The logs
will give you insight into what running Medievia is like, what the
programming challenges are, what I am up to throughout every day, what I
think God would say, what Jakob would say, what Vryce would say, what
Jesus would say, and believe me when I say that is just to get started.

Medievia IV opened 2/1/1996 on our 5th anniversary and ended in 2004 after
a run of 8 years when we started implementing Medievia V. For the past 12
years players have begged me for more, to open, to come out of BETA On
our 25th anniversary 2/1/2016 we opened Medievia V. The log from beyond

Players asked for more, MORE THEY WILL GET

The first log the day before Medievia V opened out of BETA can be viewed
with HOURGLASS LOG 16 1 31' to see that log for 1/31/2016. At some point
all logs will be automagically updated on our WWW site for easier viewing
in paged order.

In the logs from beyond I promise the truth as I see it. I promise to be
original to a fault. I promise to inspire. I promise to impress.


The actual hourglass is a magical giant hovering hourglass over Castle
Square in Medievia and eventually hovering over capital cities on many
Medievia planet servers. It is the size of a 20 story building and it is
filled with rooms not sand. The rooms work there way from the top section
to the bottom section just as one would expect. At the start the rooms at
the top form the shape of a filled funnel. As they slowly descend down the
shape becomes more of a an emptying funnel where the bottom section
becomes a larger and larger hill. The top section and the bottom section
are actually 2 separate games used a whole for the entire game.

Players can move through the rooms and sink below and get jostled around
as the actual room moves. You move as you want as the rooms slowly do what
one would expect sand to do in an hourglass, slowly sink down, fall down,
be covered and jostle around.

Hourglass zone top side view, starting position:

MMNNMMNNMM 5 x 5 rooms - Level 9
MMNNMMNNMM 5 x 5 rooms - Level 8 - 1 point per second
MMNNMMNNMM 5 x 5 rooms - Level 7 - 2 points per second
  MMNNMM   3 x 3 rooms - Level 6 - 4 points per second
  MMNNMM   3 x 3 rooms - Level 5 - 8 points per second
   MMNN    2 x 2 rooms - Level 4 - 16 points per second
   MMNN    2 x 2 rooms - Level 3 - 32 points per second
    MM     1 room      - Level 2 - 64 points per second
    NN     1 room      - Level 1 - 100 points per second

That would be the starting position before the rooms begin to spill down
through the neck of the hourglass and into the bottom section. After an
hour the rooms will be in the bottom section and look like the reverse:

    NN     1 room      - Level 1 - 100 points per second
    MM     1 room      - Level 2 - 64 points per second
   MMNN    2 x 2 rooms - Level 3 - 32 points per second
   MMNN    2 x 2 rooms - Level 4 - 16 points per second
  MMNNMM   3 x 3 rooms - Level 5 - 8 points per second
  MMNNMM   3 x 3 rooms - Level 6 - 4 points per second
MMNNMMNNMM 5 x 5 rooms - Level 7 - 2 points per second
MMNNMMNNMM 5 x 5 rooms - Level 8 - 1 point per second
MMNNMMNNMM 5 x 5 rooms - Level 9

These are 2 static views that lasts for only .6 seconds at the beginning
and the end. Between and during the whole hour the actual layout is what
you would expect, after 30 minutes the rooms will be half and half, after
a few minutes there will just be a few rooms on the bottom, after 50
minutes there will be around 15 rooms on the top. Rooms spill down below,
sometimes every second, sometimes every 1/4 second, but mostly its about
every .6 seconds. It is done with fuzzy logic but after exactly an hour
exactly 99 rooms will have made the journey and the game will begin again.

Note that the top section becomes a funnel shape as the middle rooms sink
below and the sides sort of avalanche down towards the middle, just like
one would expect. The bottom section is always cone shaped, from tiny in
the beginning to huge at the end. Granted this is represented in small
arrays so it is never actually cone or funnel shaped, but the top level
after a few minutes will be something like this on top down view with no
inner part as they fell down:

MM     MM

The main rule is that you cannot attack a member of the same clan or town,
otherwise the whole hourglass is a PK zone free for all. You gain points
by what level you are on, simple, but one must have rules.

Game 1: the bottom section

This is a section that grows from a small area of 1 room to 204 rooms.
This is a 'King of the Hill' game as what we have here is basically a
growing hill.

You go up one of the 4 ladders hanging from the hourglass and enter the
bottom section which pops you into a random room on the bottom level. This
could mean you are in the 1 room that exists at the first second or you
may have 8 levels above you, depends on how many minutes are on the hour.

This is a game in flux, you have to fight your way up and then defend
yourself once there, but even once there if no one fights you in 5 minutes
you go back to the bottom as explained:

- You can always go down, except when you are fighting.
- When you do choose to go down you cannot go back up for 5 minutes.
- You can go up only if no one outside of your town is on that level.
- You can go up any time within 5 minutes after you personally kill
  someone, this timer survives all rules.
- When you go up you are placed in a random room on the level above.
- If you are on the same level without fighting for 5 minutes you
  are moved down to the very bottom.
- If you are killed you are healed and moved to a random room below. This
  could be one level down or the bottom, or even the same level if already
  on the bottom.
- If you kill someone you are healed.

You gain points every second depending on your level:
100 points top level
64  points second level
32  points third level
16  points forth level
8   points fifth level
4   points sixth level
2   points seventh level
1   point eigth level

Note that this game will play out countless ways. You could have 9 vs 9 on
the top level or 1 vs 1. Forming into the same level and zone will take
good communication as the rules are brutal. This will typically fall into
the pure chaos PK catagory, sometimes solo, sometime formed, always PK

If your townie is king of the hill at the top and you fight or move your
way up to be with him, you can only stay there for 5 minutes. In fact he
or she may have already been popped down to the bottom again because no
fighting in 5 minutes for him or her and now you are king of the hill.
There is constant movement, constant fighting, the zone is changing as
rooms fall down from above, constant reforming, constant chaos except for
one thing, be working your way up as high as you can.

That is the bottom game. Why 2 games? It makes it more interesting as one
town would have a harder time ruling both sections at once, plus if we
combine scores and count the scores equal, one has to think about what
section is best for you, right now with what is going on. In the beginning
many more points are possible in the top section, during the bottom of the
hour more levels of rooms will create more points possible on the bottom

The top section works much the same way. You go up the ladder to the top
of the hourglass instead of entering at the bottom and you are placed in a
random room on the top level. This game you want to go down for more
points instead of up.

- You can always go up except when fighting.
- When you go up you cannot go back down for 5 minutes.
- You can go down if no one outside of your town is on that level.
- You can go down within 5 minutes after you personally killed someone,
  this timer survives all rules.
- When you go down you are placed in a random room on the level below.
- If you are on the same level for 5 minutes without fighting you are
  moved to the top into a random room.
- If you are killed you are healed and moved to a random room on a random
  level above.
- If you kill someone you are healed.

Every second you gain points depending on your level:
1   point eigth level
2   points seventh level
4   points sixth level
8   points fifth level
16  points fourth level
32  points third level
64  points second level
100 points for bottom level

Note that here is the thing for both games, for the top game the most
points are at the bottom neck section, the room that within .6 seconds
will fall below and become part of the bottom game, as will everyone
fighting in it. Rooms are always shifting down, sinking below, being
covered, etc, it never ends for all of time.

Just two player movements happen automagically:
- If you are not fighting and at the bottom of the top section, you are
  moved up one room right before your room falls below.
- If you are not fighting and at the top of the bottom section, you are
  moved up one room right before your room was about to be covered.

Imagine people fighting at the top of the hill on the bottom, and at the
bottom of the neck in the top section, very soon those people on the top
will be king of the hill on the bottom, and the people that were king of
the hill will be a level below them or now in the same room with them.

You can recall when not fighting to leave, or to go out and get back into
a different section.

On the hour every hour the hourglass is flipped over. Players points are
tallied and the final rankings are posted via the HOURGLASS command. You
gain quest points, gold, possible medals, often special bonuses are
announced in the hourglass scheduled multipliers.

There will be times when hardly anyone is in the hourglass and things are
boring but easy, and times when it is pure chaos. Even with 2,000 players
on a planet there will be Adversary, Hourglass, Faeball, Bloodswords and
more. There will be ebb and flow, often directed by the Hourglass itself
as it helps try to get people playing together. This itself creates
different incentives for different mindsets, if Adversary is quadruple
perks it will mean the Hourglass zone is easier as less players will be
there, others will see it as a reason to try Adversary.

When in the hourglass your prompt will have a line added before the normal
prompt when not fighting that shows how many points you have, what rank
you are, and other things, depending on the situation it will show what is
most important:

3,210 points - rank 4 of 11 - 12.2 minutes to go
9,664 points - rank 1 of 12 - cannot go up for 2.2 minutes
7,404 points - rank 3 of 16 - fight in 1.2 minutes or be sent down
4,864 points - rank 2 of 10 - can go down for 1.4 minutes

This is a game that needs changing tactics as it is a different sort of
game in both sections as the hour goes, sometimes crowding everyone
together, sometimes the opposite, possible points all over for smart
players. It is not just fighting. If there are just 3 levels and you are
getting your ass kicked you are still getting decent points.

The hourglass PK game needs to be played a certain amount for the
hourglass to schedule multiplier bonuses.

This hourglasses true purpose and origin are explained in the STORY