Logs from Beyond for 1/31/2016

What are these logs from beyond!? It is kind of crazy but it will all make sense eventually. First you should read the Ongoing story of Medievia which will show that at this time 'Vryce' is stuck in a void of nothingness. Vryce is perhaps the most powerful mage known and who dabbles in blood and soul magic. Soleil is my wife Dianne's player and a main character in the story. Krause is Mike Krause, me, the owner and madman behind the game. Krause logs are from me, the programmer and creator. Vryce logs are from the fictional Vryce character, which is also my (Krause's) God character in the game. Jakob as the story describes is currently a planet sized space tortoise who is the oldest being in the universe and is on a mission from God. Other logs will come from people who have passed away and write from the beyond. These logs will become part of the story. They will offend some people but that is not the intention. These logs will teach everyone my perspective of the meaning of life and hopefully spark some deeper thoughts within your mind and soul while hopefully also be pretty entertaining. I welcome you to my madness!

8AM GOD: I should wish Krause good luck, but he would just be offended.

10AM KRAUSE: I had over a year to start this log from beyond code and here I am the day before it goes live just now thinking about how to code it. Lets see, make a new hourglass directory, make sure its backed up, use the date as a filename, code ability to see old logs, plain text file edited from the beyond ... now that's the trick .. that's the magic no one will understand. Players will soon begin to understand the madness that is in my mind.

11AM KRAUSE: Nice, it took me just an hour to program the logs from beyond, 230 new lines of code that will forever show these logs from within the game using the new HOURGLASS command, and look at me here and now testing it after just an hour!

12PM VRYCE: Soleil is all I think about now, her and the blood and souls that wrap my very existence as I am stuck in my own personal void. I feel my grip on my necromancer is weakening. I may never see Soleil again!

1PM JAKOB: The time is here for my plan to succeed or fail. Medievia, the fictional game from Krause's brain, will be the foundation for Earth and is the best chance for humanity. The question remains, can Krause make real magic?

8PM KRAUSE: It took just over 1,000 lines of programming and 6 hours but the hourglass scheduled perks in the game are done! I love C++ programming. Now every hour in the game one of our features is magnified.

10PM KRAUSE: The hourglass perks are tested and working, almost like I know what I am doing. I felt like God had a hand on my shoulder the whole time I programmed it.

11PM GOD: He writes that I was looking over his shoulder. Was I? Do you readers believe I am the voice of God and I was watching Krause? Am I watching you now? Who is writing this log? Who is reading it? Who is God? What is faith?

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