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The MUDSlinger staff now prints mudmarriage wedding announcements. If
you want to tell all of Medievia about your special day, here's your
chance. Mudmarriage announcements are to be sent to Soleil
( or via mudmail). Announcements are collected
throughout the month and complied into an article printed at the
beginning of the following month. So if you send in an announcements on
Aug 5, your announcement will apear in the Slinger during the first weeks
of September. Don't be afraid to be creative. Remember, the more details
the better. Below is a list of suggestions to help you think of things to
include in your announcement. These are by no means the only details you
can include.

Who were the players being married?
Where did the ceremony take place?
Is that spot special to you for some reason?
When did it take place?
What did the bride/groom wear?
Who performed the ceremony?
Who attended?
Did anything notable or funny happen?
Where did you go for a 'honeymoon'?
Any special feast for the guests?

After you have composed your announcement, be sure to send it to the
MUDSlinger at or via mudmail. Be sure to include your
character's name. If you have any questions or need help, feel free to
contact a MUDSlinger god.