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Usage       : cast benediction (see below)
Duration:   : 1 tick
Level       : 31, current class cleric only.
Mana Usage  : 100 (see below)

This spell allows the caster to combine the powers of resurrection and healing
into one. When cast, a holy aura enfolds the caster. The caster then has only a
short time in which to use the benediction command on a dead player that has
yet to be taken by the necromancer. Upon channeling the aura of benediction
into a fellow player, the caster will be drained of half his or her current
mana. The victim will receive a boon of hitpoints equalling the normal
hitpoints from the "Resurrection" spell plus a number of hit points equal to
50-100% of the benefactor's current mana. The act of discharging an aura of
benediction is very taxing on the cleric, who will also lose large amounts of
hit points just as when performing the "Resurrection" spell.

For example, Ralf the Barbarian has 1000 hit points. Despite his strength, Ralf
is killed in battle. His friend Joe is a cleric with 1100 hit points and 1000
mana. Joe casts benediction, leaving him with 900 mana, and types "ben ralf",
discharging the benediction at Ralf. Ralf's life is restored and he receives
between 400 and 900 hit points in additional healing. Joe then has
approximately 50 hit points and 450 mana left.

Maintaining the benediction spell takes great concentration. If the caster's
concentration is interrupted, the spell will dissipate.

Trying to cast the spell on someone who's not in the room will cost the caster
mana, but the spell will remain in effect.

This spell is known to cause all "Phantasmal Images" to instantly vanish.

As with the "Resurrect" spell, this spell requires an object dedicated to the
healing arts in order to focus the healing energies.