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Required Levels: Open to all
Location:        Anywhere you can access a bank
Scoring:         Based on place of horse
Time:            Runs until someone wins
Prize:           Gold

The Quest God running the quest will announce when betting can take place,
then you have four minutes to place your bet. When the race begins after
the betting is closed, the horses will race and results will be shown at
intervals on the quest channel, each race lasts one a few minutes.

You can bet on each horse running, bets are taken as 100,000 gold and you
can only bet once. Transfer 100,000 gold to the god running and then use
the command "telepath <Quest God> Wager on <# of horse>" to place your
bet. When each race starts odds are set for each horse and shown, odds of
1/1 mean the horse has a greater chance of winning but pays the least,
odds of 12/1 pay the most but have the least chance of winning.

Note: There are no reimbursements, so make sure you only transfer 100,000
once and make sure you place your bet or you cannot win.

transfer 100000 <Quest God> - Sets you up to bet
telepath QuestGod Wager on <# of horse> - Places your bet
telepath QuestGod "help" - for syntax of betting
telepath QuestGod "info" - same as "help"