Surviving the Combs by Weaponmaster

Eggs are an essential commodity for Medievia, reset comes and there is a rush to get combing and reap those eggs. So why is that some people like Sontoran virtually need a wagon to carry out the eggs (600+ a time) and others are lucky to get into double figures before passing their life expectancy. What I would like to do is discuss my opinion about certain aspects with you on how to survive the combs and come out with at least some eggs.

There are two ways to approach the problem, you can solo them or be part of a party:

Solo - There are several key elements to going solo. First you should be of sufficient level to survive, I suggest that 26 is acceptable. If you are a single class you have real problems, because you will need to be able to cast invisible and shield room to make much progress, though thieves have the ability to sneak and pick eggs off the ground without fighting the bigger mobs. Other classes may end up fleeing and/or shielding rooms to survive. Most multies will prefer to solo for eggs unless helping people to get eggs and experience.

Groups - Do not be too ambitious, keep your group to a manageable size, I personally think a 3 group Warrior/Thief, Cleric and Wizard works real well and you don't take forever sorting out the people. You will end up fighting a lot so keep to the upper levels unless everyone is a multi and can sneak, levels 1 to 3 are Ok and contain enough eggs for your party. Also make sure that you don't lose members of your party as you go through the combs.

Within the combs there are some good tactics that you can use:
  1. Roots - these are very useful within the combs they allow you to function in a Thought Slug room without loosing HP and to be in a coral room with a light. With a big group the roots don't last long so use them when you need to, remember they are not sweets and are only found on the hermits.
  2. Coral Rooms - these are a good place to die in if you are holding a light and not eaten a root, if someone dies in one of these rooms then you will not be able to Resurrect them. If you flee into one remove your light immediately or eat a root or move out, don't stop to think or you will be dead in about 5 seconds.
  3. Ore Rooms - These are high mana regen rooms, get a thief to scan the surrounding rooms to see if its safe to sleep. However if there are big mobs in the surrounding rooms or you are down a long way I suggest you shield the room first.
  4. Underwater - You will find eels here as well as all the other mobs, remember that you need to cast Breathe Water on all the party or they will drown. Also the shockwave spell works about twice as effectively in here so use it if possible. However avoid tackling mobs (Flayer) that cast shockwave as it is all too easy to die if the Cleric loses concentration on a heal spell.
  5. Fear Spell - Sometimes you will find yourself taking on big groups of mobs, and you know you cannot win or will just be wasting time, try to avoid fleeing into other rooms as this splits up the party, if possible cast Fear on some of the mobs to get them out of the room.
  6. Phase Spell - Casting this can be dangerous, make sure you are sanc'd first and then if you are intercepted by the Demon you will last long enough to teleport away. Also you will find that if you use this just to hitch a free ride to a lower level without getting the agreement of the other party you will soon be unpopular in Medievia.
  7. Summon Spell - This is far safer way to get to a location within the combs and can be used to get people past a dangerous set of rooms or to get people to a safe room or to get a cleric to resurrect someone.
  8. Shield Room Spell - Essential to create a safe room for the party to recover from big mobs or groups of mobs, if you are being tracked by mobs then cast a few shield rooms as you go to slow them down. This can also be used to box in mobs by shielding all exits from a room, useful if you want to kill a mob(s) and need to take several goes to get them.
  9. Rescue a dead member - Sometime you will lose a party member(s) to the mobs and will try to rescue them. Assuming you are in an adjacent shielded room then send someone who can sneak into the room and through to the next one. The mobs will follow him leaving the room clear enough (hopefully) to allow shield room to be cast. The sneaking member should wait until the mobs enter the room he is in and then move to another room, when shield room is cast they can double back to the room. If you are the sole survivor and can sneak and shield room and rescue (phew is that all) then dash into the room first cast shield and then rush out again, when the mobs follow you into an unshielded room just double back and rescue.
  10. Charm Spell - Great to get extra tanks, remember that sprites are not effected but it works on weeds, serpents and cave mists.
  11. Levitate Spell - This is essential to move through the rooms, nothing worse than being taken on a Water Reaper ride and it terminating in a water room full of mobs!
  12. Protection From Evil Spell - As most mobs are evil aligned this is a very useful spell to be able to cast.
  13. Sense Life Spell - Some mobs can hide (sprite, Mephit and eel) and you will need this spell in order to detect them.
  14. Wind - This can be both a blessing and a curse to the comb explorer. The wind will pick up both Medievians and mobs alike causing massive damage (down to 10% hit points). If you get caught some of your eggs will also be smashed, so make sure your eggs are in containers and spread among the group to minimise the loss. As soon as you hear the wind coming then SIT down until it passes (shield room if you can), if you are fighting and cannot kill the mob quickly then fear it away. As soon as the wind passes they use the opportunity to kick ass, most mobs will have suffered heavy damage and will be ripe for termination. So get out there and kill anything that moves.

Ok, this has described some of the requirements for survival in the combs, however there is still the collection of eggs. You will find eggs on the ground (greater numbers lower down but greater danger) or on the mobs within the Combs. My advice is to keep it simple and go for easier mobs and pick up what eggs you can as you go. Here is my analysis of what mobs you will find in the Combs:
  • Bat (Aggro) Fairly easy to kill, doesn't hit hard but cannot be tripped or bashed and has more hit points than a bear and will track you on same level.
  • Bear (Aggro) Fairly easy to kill, cannot see invisible, but will track you within the same level.
  • Black Serpent (Aggro) This mob comes with 7000 hitpoints and an low hit. Cannot see invisible but will track from room to room.
  • Blackness (Aggro) This is a no name mob (there is a name but I won't print it) that cannot see invisible, average hitter but has about 7000 hit points and will track you from room to room.
  • Cave Mist (Aggro) This mob that cannot be harmed by weapons and will need to be killed using spells, about 6500 hit points. It doesn't hit hard but moves fairly quickly, tracks and can be a pain to kill.
  • Cave Ray (Non Aggro) Normally you should not kill these mobs as they drop you down to the next level (try EXA RAY) but similar to a bat in hit points, doesn't hit hard and stays in room.
  • Centipede (Aggro) This mob cannot see invisible but will track from room to room. It is a special mob in that it splits down into progressively smaller and smaller segments, so room spells are useful then (be careful what's in the room). They have about 4500 hit points for the initial mob and do not hit hard.
  • Chimera (Aggro) These are a hard hitting mob that are best to be avoided, they can see invisible and will track you from room to room. I think they have about 8500 hit points.
  • Crystal Dragon (Non Aggro) This is a big mob that does not move from the room and cannot be back-stabbed. It comes with about 10,000 hitpoints and a hard hit, so not to be taken lightly.
  • Dreamweaver (Non Aggro) Normally you should not kill these mobs as they teleport you to other parts of the Combs when all your form sleeps in the room (NB. Unform from other mobs left behind). This mob has about hit points (4500 approx.) and can hit reasonable, but stays in the same room.
  • Drow Dragon (Aggro) These are a hard hitting mob with 9000 hit points. They can detect invisible and will track you from room to room.
  • Fire Wolf (Aggro) These mobs come with a fireshield that causes the problem, so make sure that the tanks are kept healed. Cannot see invisible, but will track you from room to room. They have about 3000 hitpoints and an average hit, however they are normally about with other mobs, so be careful (a triple BS fireshield could kill you).
  • Giant Eel (Non Aggro) This is a hidden mob only found in the underwater tunnels and will not move from the room, has about 7000 hitpoints and is an average hitter (use shockwave underwater to kill quickly).
  • Hermit (Non Aggro) The hermit is the source of roots and is sanc'd and tracks you from room to room. The hermit comes with about 3000 hit points and has a low hit, however they can cast clerical spells that will do heavy damage.
  • Lichen (Non Aggro) Easiest kill for most people and is the wimpy mob of the Combs, stays in room.
  • Mephit (Aggro) This is a mob that can see invisible and will track from room to room. They have about 4000 hit points I think and can hit hard.
  • Mind Flayer (Aggro) This is a serious mob to take on as it casts shockwave, with 7000 hitpoints and average hit (plus that shockwave). It can detect invisible and is sanc'd so it is a mob to be wary of.
  • Mud Man (Aggro) Normally a simple kill for a single or form, it has about 3500 hp and does not hit too hard, cannot see invisible but will track you from room to room (cannot BS this mob).
  • Octopus (Aggro) These have about 7000 hit points with an average hit and from what I remember they will stay in the room. They cannot see invisible and are a good source of eggs.
  • Thought Slugs (Non Aggro) These are about level 50 mobs that unless you have Root protection every action will cost you about 150 hit points. They hit average but have about 10,000 hit points, however they stay in the same room.
  • Sprite (Non Aggro) Easy to kill but will form with you readily, this is a hidden mob.
  • Water Golem (Aggro) This is similar to the Mephit but hits a bit harder. It has about 4000 hit points (I think) and will detect invisible and track.
  • Water Reaper This is not really a mob more a roller coaster ride in the combs, you will stay with the ride until you reach a water room. Until then there is nothing you can do but just enjoy the ride.
  • Weed (Non Aggro) Easy kill, can be charmed and ordered to follow you or drop eggs, stays in room. Be warned that they can 'hold' onto you and stop you leaving the room for several attempts, if other mobs can see invisible you will end up fighting them.
  • Whirlwind (Non Aggro) Fairly easy kill but normally they will send you up a level in the combs. They have about 4500 hit points (I think) and will not move from the room, also I have never seen eggs on one but .... who knows.

So I have discussed a few ideas with you which I hope will be useful (remember that if the code changes then some of these may change) to you.

To summarize the situation:
  1. Make sure your part is equipped enough for the combs, player level, skill, spells, roots etc.
  2. Don't go too deep into the combs it gets a lot harder and there are easy pickings on the first 3 levels.
  3. Avoid big mob collections and move quickly, just remember that if a cave weed is in the room with big mobs you may not make it through.
  4. Shield room and fear spells are very handy.
  5. Use scan and farsight to identify what is in the rooms around you.
  6. Don't fight everything, be selective and survive the encounters. Also if you use room spells make sure you know what the effect is as not all mobs are aggro, it is better to fear away some of the mobs and win the fight.

All that remains is to wish you well in your adventures into the catacombs and if you find my bleached bones within the combs, try not to laugh too hard.

~ Weaponmaster

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