Hints for the Catacombs by Fairone

  • First tip is if you are under level 17-20 you are just begging for quick death if you go into the combs, unless you are in a large group of higher levels.
  • To get to different levels you can use:
    • A Cave ray, that is if you don't mess up and kill it first.
    • A Dream Weaver, your entire party has to go to sleep in the same room with the dream weaver. The only thing is with the weaver you never know where she is going to put you, it is random and you could end up back on an upper level.
  • Thought slugs; the terrible menace of the combs and everyone's worst nightmare: if you kill some hermits save the repaerdnim root you get from him. If you eat this root before going by a slug it will leave you alone. If you don't have any root you can still go through a room with a slug in it. All you have to do it just walk through but make sure there are no other mobs in the room with it first. While you are in the room with a slug do NOT look, talk, eat, drink anything, just move from that room to the next as quickly as possible. The best thing to do is to prepare your group in advance. Just ask everyone to be still for 1 moment because if anyone does anything it will attack..
  • Cave corrals: Simply remove your light source and they will not hurt you.
  • Don't go into the combs with alot of a-g equipment on. Most of the mobs in there are evil and therefore you will be a SAINT by the time you leave or die, whichever comes first.
  • The best mana rooms are ones that have ORE in the title. It is wise to keep a general idea of where these are as your going along as you will need them ALOT.
  • It is good to have at least one mage in your group. Since so many mobs are aggressive you will need a mage to shield room so you can sleep. And it is good to have a mage to shield room when you go into battle to keep anything else from coming in on you. I have noticed the mobs move around a lot in there.
  • Sit when you see "A gust of wind gets your attention" Do not rest or sleep, just SIT quickly. If you don't you will be unformed from your party and bashed into a wall and you will lose most of your hp's.
  • Stalactites: They fall on your head and take half your hp's away and you have to stand back up. This is the danger of stalactites. There is nothing you can do about them as they are one of the many hazards of the combs. You also need to pay attention if you are in a group. Many times you will hit your head on a stalactite and you will not move to the next room with your party.
  • Scan before you move each time and farsight often if you can. The only thing about using Farsight is if you use it remember that if you are mapping Combs it will put your mark in every room that you farsighted.
  • Remove lights and make yourself invisible to get past aggressive mobs. This will not work all the time but for the most part it will.
  • If at all possible do NOT flee. Fleeing is almost as bad as fighting the mob. Your party gets scattered to the 4 winds and the aggro mobs pick you off 1 at a time.
  • You should make sure you have fly on at all times. There are these cool things called Water Reapers. They will come through and wash you to a lake. There is nothing you can do but surf along and wait till it ends.
~ Fairone

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