A Visitor's Story by Septian

There were eight of us, ranging in level from 25 to 16, myself being a 16th level mage. Our first chore was to locate the entrance to the Catacombs, since there is only one opening and it contstantly shifts locations in both Medievia and Trellor. This was no easy task. Our leader, a 25th level warrior, gossiped for the location and soon we were headed towards Mythago Woods.

After a period of preparation, we were ready to enter the 'combs. I knew very little about what to expect. In fact the only information I was given was to "sit" when the wind came. I wondered what that meant? I was about to find out.

A step down lead us into the Catacombs and the first room contained a waterfall. Our thief scanded for mobs, while our two clerics casted sanctuary spells on the 3 tanks. Myself and another mage cast various protection spells and prepared our aliases. To the west was our first challange, a fire wolf. We went west. The thief back-stabbed and the melee began. I furiously shot fireballs into the mob. Soon we defeated the wolf, claiming a good bit of experience while doing so.

We celebrated our first victory for about five seconds, as a violent wind slammed into our form, sending us hurdling in all directions. In one shot, I went from 197hp to 4hp. Cries of "SIT" came pouring over the formation line. I quickly sat and then casted shield room to protect us from any wandering mobs.

After that incident, we were much more on guard. We healed up and began to look for more action. Our thief reported a ray to the north, we went north and were very surprised by a trap door. Half the form fell a level deeper into the 'combs and the other half was attacked. Soon the rest of the form dropped down except for our leader. We heard a scream from above and a dead body dropped down among us. It was our leader and best tank, dead.

We reformed as best as we could and prepared to move. Another mob was spotted to the west, and there we went. Our group engaged a fanged maelwraith. Things seemed to be going well until the maelwraith broke through the front line. Another tank was killed and soon after our best cleric and the other mage. Somebody fled and the thief was killed next to me. "FLEE," somebody screamed. I tried. "Ouch that REALLY hurt," came onto my screen. I only had time to look down at my hp count going from 56 to 0 as the mob killed me. The entire form except for one warrior was killed in that room. He died minutes later.

That was my first experience in the Catacombs. I've been their twice since then. My form lasted an even shorter amount of time on both occasions. The 'combs have become necessary due to the need for eggs, but my advice, wait until your are in your mid 20's in level and have a strong, balanced form.

~ Septian

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