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Logs from Beyond for 3/17/2016

1PM KRAUSE: It is done! Every home a player has ever owned has been bulldozed! Do you feel the winds of change blowing past? I feel for everyone being homeless but I am also so excited! The wait will not be long. We are making suburbs with six of them in progress now. We are also making some really special locations for player homes that will be initially auctioned off one at a time. The new home feature will start off pretty well developed with a way for players to auction their home anytime they want and a way for players to make offers to owners even when they are not selling. We are creating a very real real estate market! Say you buy a nice safe and pretty cheap home in the suburbs. You just walk into a new vacant home and use the home command and buy it. You now own valuable real estate because in a few years when we have grown ten fold with a few planets that simple suburb house so close to the capital on the home planet of Medievia will be worth a fortune. Say you win the bid for a new special home like one way up Mt. Vryce, now you have perhaps a priceless investment! Do you want a home up a Giant tree overlooking the Dark Woods and The Great Blood Sea? We do not know how much gold these special homes will go for initially. This makes the Medievia real estate market very real. It will truly be a perceived value driven investment. Very cool! Tell your friends. If they ever wanted to get into Medievia soon will be a very good time.

2PM SAINT MATTHEW: Jesus, you said to me, "Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head."

2PM JESUS: You were a banker and a tax collector. That is such a dangerous profession when it comes to judgement in the afterlife. Bankers have the power to lift people up and help them. Bankers have the the power to to put people down and hurt them. Bankers can spread Hope and Love. Bankers can spread Greed and Fear. I said that and you pitied the Son of Man. From that moment on your path was righteous.

2PM MATTHEW: What do you think Krause is trying to do here with this log from beyond, make bankers assess their own path?

2PM JESUS: He will try but is there enough time?

2PM MATTHEW: That sounds ominous! That is not like you Jesus.

2PM JESUS: Donald Trump, the most unapologetic fat cat on the planet, may become president of the most influential country. What will happen if the most greedy and self absorbed real estate tycoon becomes the most powerful person in the world?

2PM MATTHEW: Krause should hurry up.

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