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Logs from Beyond for 3/15/2016

10AM KRAUSE: When I started the new homes feature I knew it was a big deal and would be difficult. Wow what a bigger deal it has turned out to be and wow has it been more difficult than I thought! The only thing that compares is when we moved from Medievia III to Medievia IV with the wilderness. Before Medievia IV zones were linked to other zones and there was no just going cross country as their was none there. There was no land. It was many months of developing. It was many difficult game design decisions. It was fun! Homes are the same thing in that the major internal design is all about, "How the hell do we do this within memory constraints?" The wilderness is 4 million rooms, has any of you ever wondered how the hell we do that? I get emails from other text games every year asking me how we do it and not run out of working memory. Homes comes with the same problems, especially when you consider that we are designing for millions of players. There is also all of the rules, so many rules and decisions to make! It has been fun but I have been so singularly focused on it that many other things are now backing up, like me not doing enough of these logs from beyond. I am blessed to be able to work on Medievia. Coding this stuff is so much more fun than any other coding job I can think of, but it can be challenging. I am glad to say that it is almost all done now and I could not be more proud of what we have accomplished. Thank you for your patience. We will start advertising Medievia around the Internet as soon as homes are implemented but we also want to start some paid print and Internet marketing. That will cost money. That is on the player's shoulders through donations.

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