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Logs from Beyond for 3/23/2016

3PM KRAUSE: Spent nearly the whole day so far dealing with email issues. Windstream is our ISP who provides our T1 trunk lines to the Internet through Verizon. Mailgun sends our emails. If I told you how many moving parts, how many protocols, how many logs and hand shakes and black lists and white lists and just how much stupidity is piled onto the ability for a company to reliably send out email you would want to bang your head into the wall as much as I do. We have a delivery rate over 90% which is actually very damned good but I wanted to fix a few of the problems to try to get better.Yahoo and hotmail for instance sometimes need a MX record for the sender, why sometimes and not all the time God only knows. I asked for the records to be added to and of course Windstream messed the DNS change up for all of, well actually they got the new part right but messed up the variety of other settings that were correct beforehand. Ugh! This is how some of my days go as opposed to actually programming something new. Wednesdays are usually less productive anyways as I need to code the new special, get it tested and installed, make a news, change the WWW site, send last weeks winning medals, etc. Installing a new version this week was especially difficult as I am one half of the way done merging in my new home programming from my development server. Go ahead and ask me how to install a game when so much code is only one half merged. Ok don't ask. You do not want to know how technically challenging some days can be. I could have been a Part Ranger! Maybe a dog trainer? Teacher? What I do is provide Medievia. Tomorrow will be a better day. Soleil and my son are home all week as school is out for spring break. Home is where my office is. Do you get as much work done when your family is at your work? Tomorrow they get to go to the beach. I get to merge code, test code, and code code. If things go well, that is more fun for me than the beach. I love to code. Right now I cannot tell you how much my brain hurts from reading so many manual pages for so many different SMTP(email) protocols. I should now work on figuring out why our WWW rankings pages are not updating, but luckily I am my own boss so I am tapping out for the day early, after writing this new log from beyond that is.

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