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Logs from Beyond for 3/07/2016

3PM KRAUSE: It has been a good week and I want to thank everyone for their responses and ideas on the new homes. We have decided to remove all of the old homes after backing them up so players do not lose their room descriptions in case they want to keep them. Expect the programming to reimburse the players that own homes this week. This is the actual owners, not the people who share homes with them. Expect gohome to stop working this week for a little while as we move from old homes to new homes and expect your home to be gone. We will be making all new suburbs. After analyzing the data we found that there are actually only around 200 actual homes. While this is a problem for some players who may wish to complain, please do not complain. We are moving forward. I promise the new homes to be one of the most loved features we have ever implemented and that everyone, as in every single player, will agree that it has been worth it. They really are that cool! Soon every player will have their own home if they choose and I do believe every player will do so. They will not be expensive with nearly no initial cost. The cost of the new homes is in a real estate tax over time instead of a big outlay of money. New players will rent rooms at inns while players with more money will buy permanent homes. Players will be able to buy their own homes, edit their own text, and expand their homes with new rooms with no Gods needed. These new homes have oodles of new awesome features that will make everyone happy. I hope everyone is as excited as I am, especially because once we get the new homes in and all tucked away and bug free we can start to market the game and start growing the player base. With that I feel like I can hear a big CHEER and HOORAY echo from the game! It has been many many years since we tried to get new players. I am sorry for the lack of logs from beyond. This weekend was all about spring cleaning for me in my real home, finding a hacker (UGH), and dealing with a nasty underocean bug that I finally squashed. The good news is that when squashing this bug I figured out a cool way for the game to detect if it is in a bad infinite loop and suicide itself with a good core dump. This gives me a good peace of mind and I am proud of it and the ingenuity behind it. The idea of how to do it just appeared in my head as if it came from 'beyond'. I ponder the Human brain and how amazing it is because it feels like someone else came up with this idea and just planted it in my head. It actually sort of creeps me out when discovery happens like that and not from thinking it through one step at a time. When the idea came to me I was deeply into watching an episode of ZNation with my family and not thinking about the game in anyway. How does that happen? We are all miracles.

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