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Logs from Beyond for 3/04/2016

9PM KRAUSE: Last week I was saying there is a 90% chance players will keep their homes and they will be converted to the new homes feature. I am now not predicting anything and give that a 50% chance. The problems are numerous. If players do not keep their homes they will be automatically reimbursed. I could have the new homes implemented by now and everyone could have a home if not for the few players that own them now and me spending so much time trying to figure out some way to keep them. The new homes are a totally different internal data design as players will be able to edit them themselves and often as opposed to paying to have a God do them. Right now homes are stored right into the zone file and the only thing that makes them different than a normal room is they have a HOME flag set and a 'owner' look at with the owner's name. The new homes has the names and descriptions stored in the player's data. The new homes have tons of features where the old homes have none at all, except the GOHOME command. To be honest I am just tired of this taking so long and we really should not make much of a push to get new players until this key feature is implemented. I keep waiting for inspiration on some logical way forward that will actually work. My gut instinct has kept telling me I can do it. There must be a good way to do this. I am beginning to think my gut instinct is wrong on this one. I have given myself a hard deadline of this weekend to decide. Every gamer in the world needs a home in Medievia. That is the plan for our new version, a game where thousands upon thousands of players play the game and each and every one has a home with many cool features. That is so important to my plans. There are just a few hundred player homes in the way currently, homes that do just about nothing at all. The new homes represent many thousands lines of programming where the old homes are 459 lines of really pretty bad old code that I had nothing to do with. I dread the day I allowed it to happen the way it did. I can promise one thing that everyone will agree on once they see the new homes features. Homes will be our best feature and our most important feature when it comes to player retention. Big bold statement I know but they really are that cool. I will do my best. My gut may still be right, even as I write this a few new ideas forward have occurred to me. I am now 60% sure we can keep them!

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