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Logs from Beyond for 3/02/2016

7AM KRAUSE: I passed my kidney stone and am so happy. It has been a brutal week for me. It is so much agony and so hard enduring it all that afterwards I am left with something like post traumatic stress disorder. I managed to stay fairly productive though and have the first part of the new homes just about ready for testing. I need to go over it all and see how I did in my pain filled days, usually not my best efforts. It is not just the coding either but also the plain simple text. For instance when you want to kick someone out of your home, HOME EXPEL PLAYER or HOME EXPEL ALL. What does it say when this happens? I give myself a few minutes to come up with text for so many things like this and then it never changes. It is a lot of pressure, but luckily not as much as it used to be. The TEXTSUGGEST command allows players to suggest new text for any situation. Read HELP TEXTSUGGEST and try the command out and you can see what others have suggested, what has been approved, and what has been implemented. You may even have an idea yourself and get a new medal!

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