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Logs from Beyond for 2/28/2016

6PM KRAUSE: This week for me is all about getting new homes in for initial testing, especially the converting of current homes to new homes. It is a completely different internal data design that has been a long time in development. This week players should be able to edit their own room names, descriptions, and look ats. Homes will get walls for people to post on, recent visitor lists, players prestigious activities ( a new feature to be explained soon ), medal cases, collection cases, exploration displays, lockers, atms, even slot machines if desired. There will be an official party feature where the game allows one party at a time for an hour in someone's home. We will implement them one at a time and it should all be done by the end of March. Workers will create inns for any players, especially newbies, to rent rooms in and all of these potential features. We are preparing a new marketing department lead by Taraea to go out and get us some new players once homes are in. Email with any ideas for features in your new home! We expect every single player to have a custom home away from home here in Medievia, the best game on the Internet.

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