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Logs from Beyond for 2/26/2016

3PM KRAUSE: Medievia is such an inspiring place for me. While I am down and nearly out with a kidney stone the other Gods are rocking in all of the departments. I have not seen this kind of energy in a long time. I have not made a zone in 22 years. I do not balance the equipment. I have never made an autoquest. I make a feature and code in ways for Gods to use the tools to build and run the game. I manage the managers and try to stay out of their way. Medievia builds and runs itself. When things are working well it is just a great thing to be a part of. It is the love of the game that is a self fulfilling path to fun for all of the Gods. They do it to have fun yes but the good ones do it because it is such a challenge to do something great. It is a challenge to make players happy. Each God brings their own magic. Be a good player and thank your favorite God today.

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