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Logs from Beyond for 2/13/2016

11AM EINSTEIN: Scientists on Earth just detected the first gravity wave 100 years after I predicted them. Now that I am beyond with God I can see scientific discovery clearly and simply. Would we be happier if no one ever discovered fire or the wheel? Was the majority of society happier 2,000 years ago or 200 years ago? How about 50 years ago? What about 10 before all of this connectivity? Will people be happier in another 10 or 50 years because of future discoveries? You can probably begin to see that science is the power of God and it is all in what you do with it. Happiness can benefit from science or be destroyed by science. God was not about to give any secrets away so we have had to figure it all out. I was doing just that, figuring it all out. Then we figured out how to build a nuclear bomb and I stopped.

12PM JESUS: There is one rich person, top 1% of the 1%, that is winning the game of life in a big way. Bill Gates has saved more people than anyone in the history of mankind by using science and his money to battle malaria. He has saved 6 million people and is one of the least greedy and most divine of the richest people through all history. He is using the science of software to create a lot of wealth to use other sciences to save as many people as possible. He is not building nuclear weapons.

2PM KRAUSE: Still in some serious pain from a kidney stone, working on the story. The upcoming story takes science and logic to its ultimate end in the search of magic. It takes reality and fiction, the here and the beyond, and then beyond that to come to some stunning conclusions about all existence anywhere. I will try to get some small things coded and implemented today or tomorrow. The plan is for us to never go more than a few days without something new, pain or no pain.

4PM GOD: Albert will tell you that I used science to create the universe. Jesus will tell you that I used God magic to create the universe. I can deny neither but I can tell you Krause is grinning wide when he writes what Jakob and Vryce find out about it.

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