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Logs from Beyond for 2/12/2016

2PM JESUS: Back in my day we had a few Kings who were the top 1% of the top 1% richest people in the world. These days the percentages are the same but since there are billions of people we now have 50 or so who represent the top 1% if the top 1%. These 50 people own half the world. Instead of trying to fix the world most of these fat cats intend to continue to consume it and control it. It is amazing that they do not fear God's judgement for he judges them for every single fancy meal they consume while children starve. They will be judged for every single step they could have taken to create a Heaven on Earth that they have refused to take. Their greed steals hope from those who deserve it and what do they get? They will never know true love or be truly happy. They themselves have lost all hope as they have lost any sense of magic. They are losing the game of life and their souls rank in the lowest 1% of 1%. Do you think they imagine what happens when they die? Do they imagine suddenly being near me knowing everything and judging themselves just as I would? Would they allow their greedy pathetic souls to continue on mixing with the divine when all I see is a billion souls looking up at them wishing they acted differently?

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