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Logs from Beyond for 2/14/2016

11AM KRAUSE: Nothing against Jesus, and the emotional pain he endured vastly overshadowed his physical pain, but, I just wanted to say my current pain from my kidney stone is surely more than being crucified. The difference of course is I am in no real physical or mortal danger, it is just pure pain, so the comparison is debatable, but, for purely how much pain can be tolerated goes this must hurt more than the nails, the not being able to breathe, the dying, and the whole deal! !*!!^#&!*!!#!!!!!!! !!! ! !! ! !!! THIS HURTS! Unless you had one this bad you could not understand just how much this hurts. I will endure. I vent instead of going to the ER so here you are reading my venting. Thanks because it does help more than swearing at an empty room somehow. This log-blog KRAUSE end of the log from beyond will be the good, the bad, and the painful way too often. I usually put up with level 10 pain for a few days before giving in to surgery, so start the clock. I had 3 surgeries already this year so I will really try to wait this one out. I did as promised get some work done somehow and the next restart has some new Hourglass modifiers, some bug fixes, and some stuff the Gods needed. Not the new houses I know but it is something! Lastly I just wanted to add !&@!%^#@! !!!@!!!!!! !!

12PM JESUS: Krause sure swears a lot.

12PM GOD: Don't get Albert started or he will never end his fascination with the data available here in the beyond.

12PM EINSTEIN: But holy cow! Krause has sworn 223,380 times in his life so far!

12PM JESUS: Albert! Other people come to Heaven and the whole knowing everything part is all about how does it really work, the physics, the mystic and the magic. Why does none of this interest you? Why are you fascinated by how often people kiss, blink, or eat!?

12PM GOD: It is the human condition that fascinates him, after all why else did I create the universe? He is simply no longer interested in the experiment apparatus, now it's all about the results!

12PM EINSTEIN: HA! You both just know what I was about to see! Let's talk about swearing. Jesus! Your name is mentioned 12,722% more as a curse word than as a mention. I MEAN JESUS BLEEPING CHRIST THAT'S A LOT! Haha ha. God! Your name is not so bad but close! OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD during mating is 10,121% more popular than just a mention of God!

12PM JESUS: I am blamed for everything.

12PM GOD: People only love me during sex.

12PM EINSTEIN: OH sorry! How about a joke? Einstein dies and goes to the front to meet God and says, "Here you are I have a question for you." God says, "Please go ahead." Einstein asks, "Which formula did you use while creating the universe?" God writes a formula on a paper and shows it to Einstein and Einstein says, "But.. There is a mistake in this formula." God says, "I know."

12PM GOD: !!&!! !!! !@!!!

12PM JESUS: Haha haha.

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