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Logs from Beyond for 2/11/2016

9AM KRAUSE: I am a strange person, always have been. One of the things that make me different is that my whole life I have had to deal with an extraordinary amount of pain. My childhood was filled with ear problems and surgeries and a lot of pain. My entire adult life has been filled with kidney stones. I have a unique untreatable condition that means I get a lot of them. I always have them. You can catscan me anytime and see some growing on both sides. FUN! Please don't email me about any treatment or home remedy as it will only irritate me as there is nothing I have not tried or researched. I have had over a dozen urologists easy. The pain can start at anytime when one drops out of the kidney and gets stuck in the tube between the kidney and bladder. When I say I have no stones right now what I really mean is none are stuck and I am not in pain. When one gets stuck the ureter spasms and you get kidney stone pain. It can be bad if not the worst pain anyone can rank. Every woman that has given birth and has had kidney stone pain will tell you what is worse. I will try to not log about this in detail again but I felt for my first one I should explain. So well, 9AM KRAUSE: PAIN! Bleeping bleep @!*@!#@!*!!#@!!!!! Pain all morning since 2am. I usually work on the story when in pain as coding requires more accurate concentration so that is what I have been doing. After reading what I just wrote in the story, again let me say. I am a strange person, always have been. It is a good thing. I like it.

2PM KRAUSE: The good thing about pain is it increases your appreciation for good times when you do not have pain. You really cannot have Happy without knowing Sad. The degree to which I enjoy something like a common evening with my family eating dinner or watching a movie together is astounding. It is a good thing. I enjoy a good meal like a prisoner just out of prison, or someone enjoying their last meal before war. There are magical endless moments each day that we take for granted, like a good hug, a unique smell, and like a smile on a child's face.

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