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Logs from Beyond for 2/10/2016

7AM KRAUSE: Some people are takers and just take from life and nature until they die. Some people are good and try to help others. Some people go above and beyond that and try to create a better world. These are the people that really impresses God. With that said I want to thank the two Gods here who manage nearly everything and have been some of the most reliable Gods in the long history of Medievia: Calrog and Selthios! S has managed many departments and is now our latest WOM(world, objects, and mobs manager). C has managed the Gods and many departments for years now while I have tinkered with a mountain of code. I do not run Medievia. I am Medievia's founder and father. I am the master coder and lead game designer and the guy who writes the story. That is a lot but it is a small part of a large undertaking. I do not want to run Medievia. I want to build it and help it grow. The players run Medievia. The players are the sun and the water and the soil. The players have built every zone, object, mob, autoquest, quest, and on and on. Soon they will be building whole planets. None of this would be possible without people like Calrog and Selthios, and the rest of the player Gods past and current.

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