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Logs from Beyond for 2/9/2016

7AM KRAUSE: Back to the grind! Today is more new home features coding, mixed with doing bills, tons of managing the Gods emails, and time to clean my office. FUN!

9AM KRAUSE: The best thing about having my office at home is being able to have my dogs in work. The worst thing about having my office at home is my dogs taking up my time. Here is a recent picture of Hunter, my best pal and the most handsome rescue ever rescued, my son named him: Captain Hunter Bear Bo Baggins

1PM KRAUSE: Ever wonder if dogs go to heaven? I do. In fact I would want to visit my boyhood dog Kelly before my mom, and she would not be surprised or upset. My 5 year old boxer Captain Duke Scooby Doo Skywalker died last year in my arms from a seizure and I spent some time wondering where his soul went and if he is in heaven, would he be with Kelly when I arrived? If you follow what I will be preaching, in time we will actually prove scientifically that yes dogs go to heaven and that heaven exists. Quite the ride I know so stick around! Oddly enough when Medievia started 25 years ago the then pope, John Paul II piped in on the question and said, "Animals too have a breath or vital spirit received from God."

2PM KELLY: RRrrrrrRufFF! Ruff Ruff Aroorooo!

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