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Logs from Beyond for 2/08/2016

4AM KRAUSE: Whew. It is hard to code for more than 4-5 hours at a time. I am knee deep in new home coding and implementation and expect that to be the case all week or until we can start testing the basics here. Ever wonder about homes in heaven? Does God have a home to get away from it all or is God beyond the need or even the ability to have personal fun alone? Okay, so if he has a home is he also everywhere else, because well, he has to be right? Okay, so if he is also everywhere how can the part of him home be enjoying it knowing it is a cheat and fake alone time? Does that matter? What would he do alone in his heaven home? What does God need when he is alone? This is really a trick question I think. The way I see it logically is, in heaven there is no need of Gods as everything is under his control and happiness rules the day. What is not under is control is this universe, and here the only thing not under his control is really just two things. First is the simple deep down in the quantum world randomness of nature built in to the physics design, and from that the second is the freedom of choice for the souls emerging in nature. Our universe and not heaven in other words contains any potential need of God, otherwise why did he make it? So assuming he loves us and the souls are the important part of all this existing going on, his only need is for us to enjoy ourselves. God simply needs you to be happy and even more importantly to help others do the same. Can you be happy for God? Do you hurt or help the happiness of others? The answers to these questions will determine if you get a home in heaven right? What I can promise is that everyone will soon have a home in Medievia and that I have faith that this makes God happy as does this log.

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