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Logs from Beyond for 2/07/2016

7AM KRAUSE: I had the craziest dream this morning that I was adventuring with my son and my dog in the Underworld of Medievia, which is not even ready to test yet except for the Heroes of the Past. I now really want to work on the Underworld today but I must stick to the plan. HOMES HOMES HOMES that is what is next. I hope to have parts of the new Homes feature in this week.

10PM KRAUSE: Do you ever wonder about what people look like in heaven, and then note that every time you really begin to think about heaven the more silly the concept seems? My mom died when I was 18. Does she look 43 like she was when she died? Does she look like she was when she was 18 and smoking hot? My dad died a few years ago after my mom was dead for 30 years. Will my mom see my dad as an old man in heaven?

12PM JESUS: These past few years my dad likes to appear as Morgan Freeman. He has a good but strange sense of humor.

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