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Logs from Beyond for 2/04/2016

4AM VRYCE: 7 years 2 months and 22 days now stuck all alone in my own universe void. There is no here here, no reality. No sensory input, just my mind. Just my soul. It is really impossible to tell if I am awake or dreaming. It feels like someone else is dreaming and they are entering these thoughts into my consciousness, my own personal author for my mind.

4PM KRAUSE: I have proposed a new feature called FRIENDS. Read 'HELP FRIENDS' from within the game for more information and email me if you have any comments, ideas, or feedback that I should hear before I decide to implement it or not.

11PM JAKOB: Vryce has always been my best friend. He does not know it now but except for God he was the first person that ever spoke to me. I miss my friend and can only hope that thoughts of his friends is helping him keep his sanity as his soul is left adrift in the beyond. His plans for Medievia is all about being a nexus for friends throughout the universe.

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