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Logs from Beyond for 2/03/2016

7AM KRAUSE: I am starting to think this new homes module will be our best update ever. It has been one hell of a big internal design challenge but I am on the final stretch now so expect it soon! Every active player will have a home that does all kinds of cool new stuff!

9AM JAKOB: Vryce feels lonely now as he is alone in his own personal void for years but it is all part of our master plan. He does not know who he is or more importantly, who he was. Soon enough he will know and everything will change. It will all be up to the heroes of Medievia. I have changed course and am on the way to Medievia!

5PM JESUS: People expect too much from heaven. If someone in heaven complains about something, is it still heaven? Would they then expect some next beyond that would be better because heaven wasn't perfect? Say someone comes up to me and complains that they have some minor discomfort. Right before they have to go to the bathroom every few days it sort of hurts, just for a second, but this is their biggest problem. Are we still in heaven?

8PM GOD: My son likes to talk about heaven a lot. He always did, it is his thing as we all know. What bugs him is that there is no way for me to know if there is a an afterlife or beyond from here. That is the magic of it. Even I need to have faith that this is heaven.

8PM JESUS: There could be no existence better than here with God in heaven, but there could be something beyond, even so I know this is my heaven. I am in heaven.

8PM JAKOB: I sometimes wonder, maybe I have always been in heaven. This is it and my mission to save the universe and my journey in doing so is my heaven. I am billions of years old so it does make some sense that this is heaven, hardships and all.

8PM KRAUSE: It has been a good day. Players donated a thousand dollars or maybe even more now. New code is working well. I currently have no kidney stones which I have a condition which means I have them half of every year. Players are getting along well today and really acting like a family. I just actually went out to dinner for a change with my family. Maybe this is heaven. I could not ask for better. I am in heaven.

8PM VRYCE: I am in hell. I am so alone.

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