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Logs from Beyond for 2/05/2016

12AM KRAUSE: People often ask me what tools I use to develop Medievia. The server is of course running a Linux operating system. The code is all C++ with 64bit data. As for tools we use the free open source GCC compiler and GDB debugger. I code from a windows box using the free open source Codeblocks editor. This public server running what is implemented so far is 653,428 lines of C++. We started with just over 25,000 lines of C code in 1991 which has since been converted to C++. I have over 400,000 lines of C++ coded features yet to be implemented for this version. The main tool? BRAINPOWER.

2AM KRAUSE: OK so we have matter and energy, and time to apply some rules they must adhere to. You me and everything are matter and energy doing what their rules say they must do. Atoms made from protons, neutrons, and electrons, and protons and neutrons are made from quarks, and so on until you really get down to just a few things and a few simple rules. It is so basic that any master programmer given the rules from a well educated physicist could code it pretty fast. The hardest part, besides a computer running at infinite speed of course, would be the random number generator, surprising I know. I was just working on our random number generator, which is currently called from 3,841 places in the code. True patternless randomness, seeded to never throw the same sequence of numbers out again, is still actually impossible. No one knows how to do it. We make good ones sure, but us smart coders know it cannot be perfect. Such a thing would be God like.

5AM KRAUSE: I spoke to God just now and asked for a little help because humanity needs saving. He said, "!*#@&^! you. Do it yourself.", so I got back to work. What will you do today? Do you expect a different answer from God?

6AM VRYCE: It is going to take a miracle to get me out of here.

7AM JESUS: Most everyone gets way too overly impressed with miracles. Think about it, a miracle is like magic and even the person making the miracle does not know how it works. It is an impossible thing and it just happens because God approved it and made it happen, wow. I guess the miracle working is 'divine'. Big deal!? Even more impressive is the scientists and programmers who learn and invent through understanding and personal growth. Listen to teachers and have faith in them, not in me or some supposed miracle worker, especially one written into religious dogma.

8AM VRYCE: God would never let me get out of here by some miracle of his doing. I am on a mission from God, so logically I would not be on said mission if God was doing it. It is up to me. I am the miracle that God needs, not the other way around. All I need is God's love, my own Hope, and maybe just a little Magic will happen. No miracle is needed.

9AM JAKOB: Vryce is stuck in a void but it is part of his plan. He just does not know it, nor does he know his true purpose, for if he did he could never do it. To succeed will require real magic, because God himself could not do what he is trying to do. Our true mission is even beyond miracle making.

12PM EINSTEIN: There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

1PM EINSTEIN: OK Jesus just asked me to add my other famous miracle quote. He has a bunch of miracle stuff he wants to add, but I think he is working his way onto this Internet thing at his own pace. Oh yes yes, the quote: It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.

3PM KRAUSE: A Miracle! I kid you not. I used to worry that it would take a miracle to design the new homes code to deal with the old homes, seamlessly converting them to new homes without the player being aware that anything happened. OK. That sounded sort of easy, but as a master programmer who has designed countless things take my word for it, this home design (ha, just had to say that), this homes feature upgrade has been extraordinarily and surprisingly challenging. When the answer finally just now appeared in my mind it seemed like a miracle, and not just because of all of this talk about miracles. My mind makes the best magic when I am really tired.

7PM GOD: The real miracle, is that I never succumbed to my secret desire to make a miracle by smiting every person who prays for a miracle. Freedom of choice only really works with some hard and fast rules. That's the game. That's the deal. That's life. No one answers if I pray, and I get by. Okay. I am a bad example. I crack myself up, but seriously since I gave you freedom of choice, and I the infallible all knowing perfect God wants heaven on Earth, and only humans with freedom of choice can do that, and it looks like it would take a miracle for humanity to wake up and realize this, well then I also need and would like to pray for a miracle! I pray to you for a miracle.

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