Support Medievia

If you like playing Medievia, there are several ways you can show your support and tell the world about the game you love, Medievia!

Social Medievia

A great way to support Medievia and spread the word about the game you love is to link it to your favorite social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Click one of the links below to get started. Reviews

One way to support Medievia is by writing reviews of the game on various gaming and other websites. Or, post about Medievia on your favorite social networking site such as Facebook and Twitter. Share your experiences in the realm of Medievia with the world!


Add Medievia banners to your websites or inquire about getting them added to websites you frequently visit. All banners are available on the Banners page.


Print and post Medievia flyers around town. Medievia players have posted flyers in coffee shops, gaming stores, comic shops, libraries, university bookstores, and the like. Spread the word! Flyers are available on the Flyers page.

Word of Mouth

In addition to the suggestions above, you could introduce your friends and family to the realm of Medievia. You know how much fun Medievia has been for you, so now let others know about your personal Medievia experience.

If you are interested in helping the PR campaign, please visit our Player Recruitment page.

Thanks for your continued support! LONG LIVE MEDIEVIA!

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