Medievia Flyers
Do you love Medievia? Help us get new players!

Online Flyers

Click HERE to access a cool Medievia Flyer that you can post or embed on your favorite discussion boards, websites, Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

Flyers & Cards to Print

Print and post the flyers and business cards below around your town to let the world know about the great realm of Medievia! Great places to post flyers are bookstores, college campuses, comic book stores, gaming shops, hobby shops and anywhere else you think you might find fellow Medievians-to-be!

The following flyers are PDF files hosted at Google Docs. Click the thumbnail images below to access the files. Then, either save to your computer or print using the File menu.

The bottom of each section are "rip-off" tabs. Please be sure to cut them first before posting!

Red Banner Flyers

Black Banner Flyers

Black & White Flyers

Business Cards

Flyers by Mail

Soleil is offering to send flyers and a few business cards to anyone willing to post them around town on bulletin boards - in coffee shops, gaming stores, comic book stores, college campuses, libraries and so forth.

The flyers are of high quality and are printed on heavy paper. The design is exactly like that of the advertisement that was placed in PCGamer and Dragon Magazine a few years ago. Please be warned that it is a large file and may take awhile to open.

To get your flyers, email with your player name, real name, address, and where you intend to post the flyers. Please be aware that the flyers are large and are not meant to be bent, so we will not be mailing to any P.O. Boxes. As Medievia will be supporting the media costs and postage we ask that only people who are serious about posting the flyers and distributing the cards to request them. It is not guaranteed that everyone who requests flyers will be sent them, but Soleil will notify anyone she sends them to.

Do you have an idea or want to make a flyer? If so, email Soleil.

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