Medievia Sound Packages

Medievia originated the idea of a new sound protocol that will allow all mud clients to support sounds via an agreed upon protocol. This protocol has been designed so that all muds can implement it with ease.

Instructions: We have tested the latest versions of zMUD and Mudmaster and both support MSP very well. To get these sounds you should first download the sounds you desire from the list below and place them into your client directory (Example C:\zmud). The files are self extracting programs.

Example: After downloading Clan Sounds, double click on clan.exe and click Extract. This will self extract all the clan sounds and place them into C:\Zmud\Clan. If your Zmud directory is not C:\Zmud you will simply need to type in the correct path.You may need to enable MSP on Zmud so click the 'Sounds' button and do so. In the game type SETSOUND to turn on msp. Thats it!

For setting up sounds in MudMaster, type help MSP while logged into Medievia for full details.

Thanks to Dantres we now have a zMUD MSP setup page which explains how to do this in detail.

The latest version of zMUD does not support a certain kind of wave file compression that we used in the past. The unfortunate result of this is that the files are now much larger. We are sorry for this inconvenience and if and when ZMud supports compressed wave files we will compress everything here.

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