Installation for Medievia sounds in Zmud in 7 easy steps



  1. First click the link for whichever sound files you wish.



  1. When the dialog box asks you what to do with the files choose Save this program to disk and click ok.



  1. Next, choose to save the files to your desktop (or any other location that you can easily remember and click Save.)



  1. Double click on the saved files and unzip them to your Zmud directory, with the sound class having a new directory for each type. (For example , if your Zmud directory is C:\Zmud, combat sounds would go into C:\Zmud\Combat).



  1. Open up Zmud and select View/Preferences/Sounds.


  1. For the MSP General listing under Sounds, put a check in Enable MUD Sound Protocol and click OK. In some cases you also have to check Allow inline MSP.



  1. Within the game, type setsound to choose which sounds you would like to hear. Or simply toggle them all on and off with setsound y and setsound n. Read help setsound and help sound list for more information on Medievia sounds.