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The ocean has harvestable areas created by the DM These areas are
announced on the ADVENTURE channel when they appear and when they
dissipate. They appear as magenta-colored ocean in large splotch shapes
similar to the CATASTROPHES you see on land.

Fae crabs are killed to collect Fae magic, which is a big part of Medievia
V clanrank (see help CLANRATING

The fae is duplicated to the players in the formation of the player with
the killing blow who are in the room. If a fae crab is worth 10,000 fae
and 9 players in the formation are in the room, each player gets 10,000

Fae crabs give the captain very profitable amounts of gold into the
treasure chest. We would think a wise captain would also demand a few full
fae orbs on a hand shake deal.

Fae crabs are some of the very best Fae available on the ocean; in other
words, you collect a lot of Fae per minute spent harvesting, compared to
many other ocean adventures. These harvest areas usually appear on PK
ocean water but can on occasion appear near land and in lawful water.

When ships move across these harvest areas Fae crabs will climb aboard.
The farther towards the center of the harvest area the ship is piloted,
the more crabs will climb on board. Typically steering a ship right through
the center will get all players killed and the ship destroyed. Experienced
ship captains weave in and out of the edges so Fae crabs can be handled
before they can cause too much damage.

The Fae crabs work as a whole when on a ship and run from one section of
the ship to another very quickly.
    - When 2+ crabs are in a rigging room, they will damage the ship.
    - When 4+ crabs are in a deck room, they will damage the ship.
    - When 8+ crabs are in a hold room, they will damage the ship.

As you can see you must protect your rigging at all costs. It is generally
safe to have some crabs go below as they will not harm a hold room unless
eight or more are in one. It is said the more experienced captains know when
to close the hatch to below decks to trap some crabs there while dealing
with crabs on other areas of the ship.

The harvest area will disappear generally when around five hundred crabs
have been killed. The harvest area shrinks as crabs are harvested.

How much fae the crabs are worth is reported on the ADVENTURE channel by
the DM every hour or so. If a lot of people are crabbing they may be worth
as little as 1000 fae. If no one has crabbed in days they may be worth as
much as ??,??? per crab.

The crabs for some unknown reason behave differently in different weather.
They head for the ship's rigging when in a lightning storm. They take
damage in firestorms and magic storms, so during those they try to head
below decks. They are much stronger when the ship is in a "STORM FROM AFAR"

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