Medievia Mudslinger

May 23rd, 2002

Medievia God's Zonebuilding Contest

The challenge has been set, the gauntlet has been thrown down, and the bravest souls amongst the divinities of Medievia are flocking to their zones to compete in the contest of the century. For the first time in Medievian history, we are pleased to announce a zone building contest.

Now, the dedicated work of our brave and skillful staff is rarely seen except in its finished form by the brave adventurers who inhabit our land. We are going to update these pages regularly with snippets of information, miniature interviews, and hints and tips for budding builders.

The scene is set - from June the 2nd to June the 8th is challenge time - which of our bravest builders and gods will be taking up the challenge? Will you be venturing into ivy-strewn wastes or dusty temples abandoned by all but the darkest of demons? Perhaps you will tread in the footsteps of ancient heroes or forge new terrains in distant climes. Visit this page often to find out the latest details.


Contest Participants

Summary of Contest Zones


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