Medievia Mudslinger

June 2nd, 2002

Medievia God's Zonebuilding Contest

Here are the zones participating in the contest.

Going head to head from scratch against Ikuska starting June 2nd:

Zone Name Builder
No name yet Ikuska
Ryvaera Kostia

Building a zone from scratch, already started:

Zone Name Start Time Builder
The Palace Celestia May 21 21:42:06 Miatrylle
Workshop of Bumbling Wizard Fred May 21 22:18:16 Narva
Sklansky's Cottage May 22 00:10:20 Azariah
Lyngaeli's Nightmare May 22 00:39:00 Nykaul
The Hives of the Giants May 22 12:24:21 Corax
The Forest of the Ancients May 22 14:12:38 Kovu
The Castle of Dreams May 22 17:18:49 Kovu
The Crystalline Palace May 22 21:50:45 Vheni
The Hamlet of Egriel May 23 15:00:00 Athrian
Zuldahun's Glacial Cathedral May 23 00:23:05 Mausefanger
Plantation Trumble May 23 12:19:32 Maleah
The Blattakara Monastery May 24 10:04:03 Raezul
The Spiderwode May 24 10:04:08 Ronar
The Fields of Emberge May 29 14:50:28 Hruvesta

Already existing zones competing to finish first:

Zone Name Builder
The Crypt of Vatos Taeloch
Village of Gdangus Vangroen
The Broken Realm of the Demijani Cylara
The Sonedal Ravine Ardothica
The Province of Xue-Lin Arendyl
The Monastery of Nurzhak Nisroch
No name yet Casse & Dworkin
No name yet Casse & Dworkin
Sceptrum Ishachi Fayla
Greybeard Mines Vheni


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