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June 4th, 2002

Medievia God's Zonebuilding Contest

This is a brief summary of the zones that are currently completing in the zone contest. The information, where appropriate, was written by the builders themselves. Details change during the building process, so everything is subject to change, even the name of the zone.

Sklansky's Cottage

Builder: Azariah

Zone Name: Right now it is named "Sklansky's Cottage" but I did a search on that name and it's the last name of an author so I will probably be renaming it soon.

Suggested levels: Most likely will be targeted for the level 19-24 range.

Zone Outline: Sklansky (or whatever his name turns out to be) is a wizard who is afraid of snakes. When a large snake invades his front lawn, he tries to come up with an interesting way to live in a snake-free world. Unfortunately, his plan goes awry.

What makes it different from other zones: I just tried to come up with something that has not been done before. I think I succeeded, but if I give too much information it will spoil the fun of exploring it!

Current status: I am about 60% or so done with my rooms, but I haven't really started on mobs or anything else though.

Lyngaeli's Nightmare

Builder: Nykaul

Suggested levels: 25 and below PK Zone

Zone Outline: You explore a young girl's nightmare and try to wake her up, meeting scary nightmare mobs along the way, and avoiding being pk'd by other players.

What makes it different from other zones: I would like to think the zone idea was fairly original, at least to Medievia, and hopefully it should be a lot of fun in a similar vein to the holiday quests I've written.

Current status: Writing rooms and sprinkling it with mobs.

Anything else you want to add: I have doubts it will be finished by June 8th, but it has been a fun ride so far.

The Crypt of Vatos

Builder: Taeloch

Suggested levels: Hero

Zone Outline: The clan wars had completely destroyed the people of the Vatos civilization. The years after the destruction, the god, Liamnar, quietly pieced together a group of his people to bring back the strength of the society. The crypt is now the one and only piece of the former civilization that is the stronghold for their religion. Liamnar and his minions will be waiting for you, and they will greet you when you arrive.

What makes it different from other zones: The zone will offer great XP, as well as decent EQ. The zone won't be easy to figure out, but will be made easier with larger groups of players.

Current Status: see below

Expected Rooms: 203, Actual Rooms: 203
131 approved rooms, 1 denied rooms, 4 suggested rooms, 67 unreviewed rooms,
67 rooms with no description, 0 rooms with no exits

Mobs - written, objects - nearly completed, procs - in process.

The Hamlet of Egriel

Builder: Athrian

Suggested levels: Medium 20's to 30.

Zone Outline: The small village of Egriel dwells at the edge of the southern forests of Medievia, isolated from the rest of civilization. Its only real contacts with the outside world are the traveling merchants that come to deal in the rare herbs grown by the villagers. Recently, many of the visiting traders have been disappearing. Others report of strange noises and spooky lights in the forest.

What makes it different from other zones: This zone takes full advantage of the day/night repop code. Unlike other zones that may have a few different mobs depending on the time of day, many of this zone's room descriptions, and most all of the mobs loaded are dependent on the day/night cycle.

Current status: Still writing room descriptions, however, this phase should be completed by Sunday, June 02

The Sonedal Ravine

Builder: Ardothica

Suggested levels: Soloable by a mid to high 20's player. Basically xp zone for level 20-25

Zone Outline: Yelkan has succeeded! He has perfected his shrinking potion. Alas, he did not perfect the enlargement potion. Now he has disappeared into the tunnels below his laboratory. Most likely he has been abducted by the Cynomies, but rumor has it that the Cynomies are being controlled by a nasty group of local cave gnomes. What do the gnomes want with him? Can he be rescued in time? Now is the time for you to help, brave adventurer!

What makes it different from other zones: You'll have to figure out how to shrink yourself to enter the tunnels (the heart of the zone) and how to enlarge yourself once you get out.

Current status: Rooms - processing, so I'll need to fix the typos, but basically they are done. Mobs - 40 out of the planned 50 mobs are done. Objects - 30 out of the planned 65 objects are done.

Anything else you want to add: When the contest started, I was about 30 percent done with my room descriptions, so I had a bit of a head start. I have been working my butt off though! p.s. I want to plug my upcoming zone the Village of Brookhaven...due to be opened any day now.

The Fields of Emberge

Builder: Hruvesta

Suggested levels: Mid to higher level XP zone

Zone Outline: The Sorceress Moschetta has created a sanctuary for unicorns in the mountains. If you can get past the creatures guarding the pass and find your way through the mountains, you'll come to the Fields of Emberge. Besides the unicorns, other creatures have found refuge in and around the Fields.

What makes it different from other zones: Other than the fact that I'm making it, the Fields of Emberge are different because it will have a wide variety in its terrain as well as be a wonderful place to XP and align.

Current status: Currently I'm attempting to finish up room descriptions. I'm hoping to have them done by Tuesday or Wednesday so I can get to work on all the mobiles that will make Emberge a great XP zone.

The Palace Celestia

Builder: Miatrylle

Suggested levels: Medium forms for xp, L25-30

Zone Outline: A nasty dragon vs. five heirs and you!

What makes it different from other zones: I wrote it! *tease*

Current status: Uploading rooms and working on mobs...

Anything else you want to add: Be ready to applaud if I ever finish this between proofing other people's zones!

Plantation Trumble

Builder: Maleah

Suggested levels: newbie-ish

Zone Outline: It's going to be an old abandoned plantation with lots of creepy stuff and etc.

What makes it different from other zones: There's more to it than meets the eye.

Current status: Still working on layout and rooms.

The Hives of the Giants

Builder: Corax

Suggested levels: Mid-level and high-level exp forms. LPK, NPK, and CPK.

Zone Outline: What did the ancient giants eat on their morning biscuits? Honey, of course - and where did they get the vast quantities of honey needed for their enormous biscuits? From giant beehives, of course - and what are giant beehives filled with? Giant bees!

What makes it different from other zones: The giant bees! If you're thinking "ant farm", you'd better watch out!

Current status: I am still describing rooms, and the mobs are nearly done.

Anything else you want to add: Aaaaaaaah, I'm covered in giant beeeeees! Help!


Builder: Kostia

Suggested levels: About the same as Enara, maybe a little harder. Low- to mid-20s should do well in small forms, and multis will be able to solo almost all the mobs.

Zone Outline: Ryvaera is a city at the bottom of a river, populated by naiads (river nymphs, or fairies, if you must call them that). They do quite well on their own, thank you very much, but lately a colony of beavers has moved into the neighborhood, just upstream. The beavers have stayed busy, and their massive dam and lodge are making it difficult for the naiads of Ryvaera to maintain their fun-filled lifestyle beneath the water.

What makes it different from other zones: Well, since it's going to be the contest winner, that will make it unique. Also, I have mobs here that will keep you guessing, and mobs and objects that will keep you laughing (or groaning) all the way to the bank.

Current status: My rooms are coming along nicely. There are a lot of secrets and traps. As the reigning Queen of No Procs, I like to make use of all the new room and exit features we have, in order to really mess with people's minds. I'm almost done with my mobs and objects, and I've made some very silly, very fun stuff that I think everyone will get a kick out of.

Zuldahun's Glacial Cathedral

Builder: Mausefanger

Suggested levels: 20-26 group 27+ solo

Zone Outline: The fall of what was once a large cathedral has created a depression in the side of a mountain long forgotten. A glacier has slid, creating a pathway down the mountain, opening the way for exploration. The caverns beneath the blizzards of the surface make travel difficult, and the terrain tough to map.

What makes it different from other zones: It will provide a mix of mid-level experience and mid-level equipment for those who can rise to the challenge. The zone will be rewarding as it has a lot of challenges, making it worthwhile to run, as long as adventurers look long enough to find everything.

Current Status: The Cathedral is about 60% through rooms and mobs, I have been equally working on both as I progress. It still needs a once-over and some extra special attention to detail I intend to pay it before the contest is up.

Yiul Bieovas

Builder: Ikuska

Suggested levels: intermediate

Zone Outline: It's a zone about Ozy's underwear.

Okay not really, that might exceed the scare factor that is tasteful in a zone. I'm actually too early in the race to have anything I want to put up specifically (who knows what I will change) but I will say it has trees in it. Apparently I didn't get enough of writing about trees in E'urdin so I'm torturing myself with another forest.

What makes it different from other zones: Well, that's part of running it to find out.

Current status: Very behind schedule. Between the gods thinking it is funny to distract me (I heard Kostia paid Quazikoto a dollar to ask me inane questions!!!) and my rl I have only finished 10% of what I'd planned to have done by today. And now I'm sitting here filling out a questionnaire. So I guess I better get to work!

Anything else you want to add: Do not get new kittens right when you are doing a zone race. Especially the ones that keep jumping up on my arms and making it hard to type right now.


Builder: Ronar

Suggested Levels: 25-28

Zone outline: The Zone features an uneasy alliance of evil creatures; large fierce intelligent spiders, small quick stealthy Darklings, the foul shambling Zhayvens and the Evil Trees from the heart of the Dark Copse. There is also a small sub zone of frightened Chandali nomads, defenseless women and children, and their inept leader.

What makes it different from other zones: All the freaking spiders.

Current Status: 63 rooms of 180, gonna finish last for sure.

The Province of Xue-Lin

Builder: Arendyl

Suggested levels: Mid to high level for xp; high to hero level to run the zone, which is not soloable.

Zone Outline: The ancient province of Xue-Lin is laboring under a terrible curse brought on by the machinations of the heirs to the Imperial throne. Perhaps the curse can yet be lifted, but only if you succeed in so doing before the sun sets on another of Xue-Lin's eternal days.

What makes it different from other zones: The setting of Xue-Lin is based on Imperial China, and the zone itself incorporates much of the culture's rich mythology and folklore. Hopefully, it will prove to be exciting and thought-provoking in your attempts to solve the zone.

Current status: Typing up mobs, objects and zonefile, as well as working out proclist.

Anything else you want to add: Ikuska's electroshock therapy worked because it is finally getting me to finish the zone after having plodded along on it for 2 years!

Workshop of the Bumbling Wizard Fred

Builder: Narva

Suggested levels: 17-25ish

Zone Outline: funny little wizard has his workshop invaded by a magical creature that he accidentally creates.

What makes it different from other zones: funny little wizard has his workshop invaded by a magical creature that he accidentally creates.

Current status: Room descriptions

Anything else you want to add: funny little wizard has his workshop invaded by a magical creature that he accidentally creates.

The Blattakara Monastery

Builder: Raezul

Suggested levels: Medium Forms 25+

Zone Outline: A group of peaceful monks had their monastery burned down hundreds of years ago. Since then they've been studying arts of combat so it doesn't happen again.

What makes it different from other zones: The monastery is going to be a fairly hard experience zone with some fun puzzles.

Current status: Describing Rooms

Anything else you want to add: Building isn't as difficult as I thought it would be, but I don't think this zone will be done before the race ends.

The Castle of Dreams

Builder: Kovu

Suggested levels: High level exp zone

Zone Outline: A majestic castle built for show, but not all is wonderful here... an ancient curse has befallen one of the family members and they are calling out to all heroes of the land to find a cure.

Current status: Rooms: Done, Mobs: In progress

The following zones are also in the contest, however, the builders did not get back to me before this page went up online. Hopefully, this list will dwindle and all zones will have information to wet your appetites.

The Forest of the Ancients - Builder: Kovu
The Crystalline Palace - Builder: Vheni
Village of Gdangus - Builder: Vangroen
The Broken Realm of the Demijani - Builder: Cylara
The Monastery of Nurzhak - Builder: Nisroch
Sceptrum Ishachi - Builder: Fayla
Greybeard Mines - Builder: Vheni
No name yet - Builders: Casse and Dworkin


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