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July 19, 2008
Newbie Autoquest Fun
by Xaaxacus

In recent weeks, a big push has begun to expand the playerbase. Players are being encouraged to contact old players and invite friends to try the game. For a change of pace, I thought it might be fun to do something I hadn't done in over a year - reclass, and rediscover exactly what game we're trying to attract people to play. I put the expensive equipment aside, and decided to do what all new players do for their first few weeks in the game: look around, learn, and just have fun.

My journey began again as a level one Mage, terrorizing the cats and sailors hanging around the city's fish market. Before long, I'd grown into some of the equipment I'd found scattered around the four quarters of the city, and was able to move on to gaining experience in the graveyard and Labyrinth. In no time at all, I'd hit level ten, and I decided that it was time to do something new.

I looked to my inventory and read the first of several ancient, faded scrolls that I'd collected from the monsters I'd slain. It held details about a quest that the mayor desperately needed someone to undertake. It was a job I was more than happy to accept, and I soon found myself scouring the tunnels beneath the city, trying to rescue a merchant who had been kidnapped by a dangerous group of brigands. When he'd been freed, I found that there were more Autoquests to be completed everywhere I looked, obtainable from scrolls and citizens all around Medievia's streets.

During the next several hours, I defeated the horrifying Mudmonster of the sewers, uncovered the secrets of the graveyard, recovered a family heirloom, and assisted the bandits of the Forbidden Forest with their problems. My last quest for the day was designed to help new players learn the way to the War Room in Castle Medievia - essential knowledge that everyone needs by the time they reach their second or third class. After all, we can't rely on Koin all the time!

Since I've heroed several characters and been around for numerous years, the quests were by no means very challenging. However, their lack of difficulty often causes players to overlook one important fact - they're good, and they're fun. These are the quests that a new player could use to learn the game, and it's too bad that so many get sucked into the cycle of "xp, xp, xp" and a rush to hero. For this reclass, I'm going to take my time. I'll gain experience while doing other things, and gain levels whenever I happen to get there.

To any heroes out there who might be bored with the usual "hero" fare that the game has to offer, I challenge you to do the same thing. Buy a reclass coin, use it, and, most importantly, take your time! Go rediscover the game that you became hopelessly addicted to when you first started playing. Most of Medievia IV is still out there; it's just waiting for you to play it again. Go to a zone that doesn't offer the best experience or equipment (Autoquests are great for this), or go on a short, low-risk traderun, and hope to encounter a mobfaction or two. If nothing else, it'll keep you entertained, and show you what new players are finding when they discover the game.


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