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August 23, 2008

An Interview with Lunavina
by Xaaxacus

Goddess Name: Lunavina Level: 142 Titles: Autoquest Manager, New Player Helper (NPH)

Current Activities:

- Makes a special effort to greet and assist new players
- Manages the Autoquest department, including hiring and training of new autoquest personnel
- Assists new and existing AutoQuest writers and contributors with questions regarding the writing process and commands used
- Reviews autoquest submissions
- Writes Autoquests

Lunavina was kind enough to join me (in a shower of moonlight) for a quick interview.

Xaaxacus: Hi! Thanks for making time for this interview. Since you're the manager of the Autoquest Department, I was hoping that you could tell us a little bit about the department and what your job involves. To start, what are some of the responsibilities of your position?
Lunavina: As the AutoQuest Manager, I'm in charge of hiring and training new autoquest writers, helping the autoquest writers with their quests and questions, reviewing the submitted quests, and writing regular quests and also the holiday quests.

Xaaxacus: What's your favorite part of the job - the thing that makes the work worthwhile?
Lunavina: Getting to work with the writers and also writing the holiday quests. I've only written one holiday quest now, the summer hero quest, but I loved it.

Xaaxacus: How long have you been playing Medievia, and when did you decide you were interested in becoming an Autoquest Writer?
Lunavina: I began playing Medievia 5 or 6 years ago, after searching for a game to play with a friend. I think I became interested in becoming an Autoquest Writer after knowing a few Autoquest Writers and also because of my love of them.

Xaaxacus: Could you tell us anything about the process of getting hired? Was there a lot to learn?
Lunavina: I couldn't believe how much there was to learn! A new program, new commands, and I had to bring back all of my writing skills. Getting hired was an easy enough process, all I had to do was fill out the application and then be interviewed.

Xaaxacus: And how did you end up in your current position?
Lunavina: I kept writing the quests and after being promoted to level 140, which is the highest an Autoquest Writer can be without being a manager, Celylia asked me about taking over the department.

Xaaxacus: About a year ago, an announcement was made asking players for applications for Autoquest Writer positions. Is there a certain number of AQWs you'd like to have at any given time?
Lunavina: Currently we have about 6 active Autoquest Writers, which is right where the department needs to be right now.

Xaaxacus: A lot of players love exploring the game and getting gold and AQ points for it. It's good to hear that new quests are still being put into the game regularly. Could you give us a rough idea of how many new ones you get?
Lunavina: Well, currently we have 2,072 active Autoquests in the game. Somewhere around 3 to 10 Autoquests are submitted a week, but that varies weekly.

Xaaxacus: What's it like training new Gods? Fun, boring, very formal ... ?
Lunavina: Well, a lot of the training is reading help files, so it depends on how much one likes help files. It's kind of laid back, yet still professional.

Xaaxacus: Once people get settled in, what's the atmosphere like in the department? Is it just a stuffy desk job?
Lunavina: Not at all! It's very relaxed. We chat about our real lives and just talk a lot.

Xaaxacus: In case anyone's interested, are you hiring right now? Or might you be in the future?
Lunavina: I'm always taking applications, but I'm not actively looking for a new Autoquest writer at the moment. However, if you're interested in applying, or if I receive any applications, I will definitely consider hiring.

Xaaxacus: The AQ department has produced a lot of really amazing holiday quests in the past few years. Are you still planning any new ones?
Lunavina: Yes. I'm currently working on the Halloween hero Autoquest. It's going to be fun yet still challenging, make sure to do it!

Xaaxacus: Your personal wizlist says that you're also an active New Player Helper. I know it's not your primary job, but what's that like? Would you recommend it to players and avatars?
Lunavina: NPH is a lot of fun. I adore helping the new players! I would most definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested.Xaaxacus: Can you give me a shameless plug for Autoquests?

Lunavina: Autoquests are lots of fun! If you have any ideas or suggestions, email either or I'm always listening! :)

Xaaxacus: Thanks for your time! We really appreciate your contributions to the Mudslinger and the game!


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