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A Perfect Dragon Lair
by Xaaxacus

As evening approached, Governor Liono called for heroes to assist him in a daring endeavor. He'd acquired a map revealing the location of the dragon Zowbokxon's lair, and wanted to storm it and slay the fearsome beast. Eight members of Altus Fidelitas eagerly answered the call, and within minutes, we had a group of 18 tested adventurers ready for the challenge.

Soon after entering the dragon's lair, we quickly found ourselves attacked by a horde of vaporous bats! Swooping in from the shadows, they caught us unprepared while we were fighting a giant, crimson boa constrictor. We managed to fend off the onslaught, healed ourselves, and proceeded deeper into the underground tunnels.

We fought past legions of the dragon's minions, stopping our charge to rest only twice throughout the entire battle. In what seemed like minutes, we had arrived at the massive cavern housing the green beast and cast our protective enchantments. As soon as his shield of fire dissipated, Liono and Riko issued the order to attack. Someone managed to plague the dragon during the very first round of combat, and in just under a minute it fled from the lair, leaving us barely scratched.

The battle was only half over, however. We chased Zowbokxon out through its escape tunnel and continued the melee in swampland outside, again easily besting it and forcing it to retreat to the clantown owned by Presence. We reassembled outside the clantown and prepared for the final battle, as the great dragon stormed around the city. With the assistance of several new adventurers, we rushed into the room and were instantly bathed in the dragon's poisonous breath weapon.

Burning several of the healing staves provided by the lair leaders, we did our best to stay on the offensive, pummeling our foe with shockwaves and lightning bolts. Amazingly, the dragon fell in just one pass, only minutes after retreating to the clantown! Unable to believe our luck, we checked the status of the dragon on the dragonlair list:
Zowbokxon Green (Age:) 0002 (Player Kills:) 000012 (Damage Done:) 00000059494 CORPSE 0h 51m 35s left

That's right: during the entire effort, only 12 of our companions had fallen, and the dragon had been slain faster than some are kicked out of their lairs. The process, from start to finish, had taken just over 30 minutes. Clearly, there was only one thing to do now: run another one! As the night continued, we called our friends in the Circle of Power and began another crusade, determined to make the most we could of our streak of luck.


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