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An Evening in Hell
by Xaaxacus

After completing a trip around the continent in search of stones of elemental magic, I landed my trusted dragon at the City of Medievia and teleported myself to my home. Slouching down in my reclining chair in the Wallkier Family Secret Volcano Lair, I absent-mindedly tossed a few stones up into the air and caught them. My eyes wandered around the room, noting the same objects I've seen every day for years, as a startling realization began to sink in: I was bored.

Well, this was something new. The clan was fairly quiet, and there wasn't much chatter on Immortal channel either. For whatever reason, most of the game seemed to be asleep. It was then that an idea for amusement came to me - straight from the DM itself.

[CE] DM: Hellripper's domain is below the Catacombs, worth 6,499,600 gold and 2,261 heropoints.

Aha! It had been ages since I'd last visited the twisted domain of Hellripper, and my finely-honed combing senses began to tingle. I jumped to my feet and phased the mighty hero, Koin, checking the location of the catacombs in Marious's magical orb. Summoning my dragon again, I was off in a flash to Cholsen's Mansion, where the lure of fresh eggs awaited.

I was in luck - the ancient catacombs were nearly deserted, and in a few moments an accommodating Dream-Weaver sent me straight to their lowest depths. Glancing around the area, I noticed something out of the ordinary - a sheer chasm, angled straight down in the middle of a narrow spot in the tunnel. I cast my protective enchantments and leapt in, ready to face whatever challenges awaited me.

The ceiling closed over me just as my feet hit the ground, and I found myself in an area much resembling Magentia's Manor. There were piles of eggs littering the ground as far as the eye could see, and I began scooping them up and dumping them into the bottomless depths of my magical pocket. Before I'd taken more than a few steps, however, my stomach lurched and I collided with a solid wall.

Ouch! I'd forgotten about that. Aside from mimicking an area from the land above, Hellripper's domain also spun about every few seconds, leaving all but the most alert player completely disoriented. I started off in my new, ever-changing direction, dodging an advancing tide of snarling zombies and I worked to quickly clear the area of spoils. Just as I entered the final hallway, a feeling of confidence setting in, I was confronted by a massive demon, shrouded in a raging inferno - Hellripper himself!

I hadn't killed any of his undead minions, so I was completely defenseless against his wrath. He laughed and mercilessly pummeled me with bolt after bolt of demonic lightning, retreating back to the shadows after a few seconds before I could begin to retaliate. Aching and bleeding from a dozen vicious wounds, I staggered away and hoisted myself up through the nearest hole in the ceiling, back to the bottom level of the catacombs.

I healed and repeated the process again and again, this time being careful not to let my guard down. Finally, after all of my containers were filled to the brim with delicate eggs, I decided to call it a night. I'd got a high return for my venture into the depths of hell, but be warned - it's a dangerous trip, not to be taken lightly! Unless you're very sure of your equipment and skills, you'd be better off staying away from Hellripper's CPK.

In the future, I'll have to remember to watch the auction channel for a loot-pouch - no one likes having to end the fun just because you're out of storage space.


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