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A Medievian Easter
by Xaaxacus

Last weekend saw many festive happenings across the world of Medievia, as our dedicated staff of Gods ushered in the holiday with several exciting announcements. Though still reeling from the intoxicating St. Patrick's Day festivities, players went out in packs to solve the most challenging holiday holosections ever created in the game. We can only imagine the complaints of the dragons who were paid to fly the players around in search of the elusive zones, since successfully completing the quest required players to find them well over a dozen times. The economy might have taken a minor hit because of dragon fees, but a chance at gaining the fabled plague sling made it all worthwhile.

Easter lilies, tasteful cards, a traveling bunny, and rabbit-themed equipment added to the atmosphere, though we've had a few scattered reports of injuries caused by the falling, pointed carrots. When everyone's favorite oversized rabbit journeyed to the far corners of Medievia to hide eggs on random mobs and creatures, the world's most violent Easter egg hunt began. Many players tried their hands at the token quest, and were rewarded with chocolate coins for every egg they found.

Congratulations go out to Timsq, who managed to stay miles ahead of the competition for the duration of the quest, winning in what might have been the biggest landslide victory in the history of Medievia.

On top of all of this, new players and heroes alike were kept entertained by three holiday autoquests. Celylia and the Autoquest Department organized the first ever team hero autoquest, in which 24 of the land's most skilled players competed for a mystery prize. You can expect to hear more on this groundbreaking event soon, featured in an upcoming article.

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