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A Chaotic Towngame
by Xaaxacus

On a cold, dark evening in the Month of Vecna's Terror, the members of Altus Fidelitas sent out a challenge across the land - a competition, to be held against anyone confident enough to answer the call. Mere moments later, the valiant Knights Templar sallied forth, eager to put their skills to the test. Terms were agreed upon, and the game began. It was to be a trading race, to fourteen million gold coins.

As the Templar gathered and started to organize their caravan, we decided to try a different approach. Rather than begin a lengthy trade run, Antons proposed a much swifter method of victory: an excursion through the infamous Dark Woods, where many adventurers had met their deaths. A successful journey would bring high rewards, but there were risks involved, as well. Several members of an enemy town had been spotted in the area, and we knew to expect trouble. Undaunted, we flew to Athelasea with a dire warning echoing in our ears - come prepared to fight.

The trip to the Woods was uneventful, uninterrupted except by a small band of centaur marauders. We cast our protective enchantments and entered the chaotic player killing area, blood pounding in our ears as our mounts flew down the wooded trails. Rounding a corner, we flew past a surprised ethereal knight ... and found ourselves surrounded by terrifying, shifting shadows! As the would-be assailants emerged from their concealment, we pushed our faithful Appaloosas to their very limit, riding closer and closer to safety with every moment. We nearly trampled a large rock toad as we emerged from the trees and entered the portal to the realm of the minotaurs. Triumphant, we arrived at our destination and sold our goods, winning the day for Altus Fidelitas.


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