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The Fastest Verigaard Keep run, Ever
by Wuolong

It was a night like any other when the leader of Clan 12 requested our presence at Verigaard Keep. He informed us it would be quick. We all got to our initial phase point, which was yours truly, and we were directed to phase another phase point for the bank, er, run. It seems that town 9 had graciously, if mistakenly, set Tanova up for us.

We gave town 9 our thanks by pking most of them, and proceeded to one-pass Tanova and claim the loot for our own. As usual, Tanova's inspiration did not fail us, providing one lucky townie with 31 hps and 25 extra mana. Town 74 would like to thank our friends who saved us the trouble of killing mobs with nothing useful just so we could set the record for a Verigaard run being completed in under five minutes (this record is unconfirmed as of this writing).


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