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The Omerta
by Wuolong

The Outlaw Legion (town 9) has long contended they held dominance over the land of Medievia. On Sunday evening that has perhaps changed. The town of Honor (clan 74), which includes Gravis Negotium (clan 12) and Brothers of Destruction (clan 88), decided the Temple of Bloodstone was ripe for the picking. The first in a series of what has become known as days was available to run, and the promises of riches were enough to entice the town to come together and tackle the foreboding fortress. Little did they know that the riches this day would be more then anyone has ever obtained from the temple in the past.

Confident in their cunning and skill, town 9 discovered the advances on Bloodstone and prepared to put an end to the upstart town's attempt to finish their run. Gathering together 18 of their fiercest warriors, including Frostblood and Tyleste, they prepared to destroy the Honor town in the sunken depths of Bloodstone. They failed.

In the most triumphant massacre in most peoples' memories, 14 of the 18 met their fate at the hands of Honor; four of them met their fate multiple times. In the most amazing feat of organization and preparedness, the town of Honor lost no one. The Horde failed to register a single cpk. In the words of an honored hero, Torhmus was locked on with the shazam.

As the smoke settled and the looting began, no less then two helms of the high forest, two subterranean helms, the first unlocked omerta, an old clan 4 helm, a possessed raven, and other valuable items such as df belts, the coiling strains of disease, diamond orbs of tyche, fire diamond rings and any number of other items were looted. Although Naia lost everything she had on her, the most devastated by this event was probably Dhakel, who lost a marious helm, and a reguler high forest helm. He also had the first looted Omerta taken from him.

All in all, it was probably the most lopsided massacre in Medievian history and the most profitable day for any single town on a day 1 Bloodstone run.


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