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Into the dragons lair!......or not....
by Wuolong

Although I was not present, I am guessing the start of Liono's late night dragon lair adventure was pretty smooth. He called for some volunteers over the various channels in our great land of Medievia, for those who dared brave the depths of the lair of a feared dragon! Several most likely answered his call, and they were directed where to go, who to cast their mystical displacement spell to, and which direction to go. I imagine everything was happy go lucky and chipper, and then we showed up.

After being branded a traitor by his former clan, which happens to be my clan, for abandoning us in our time of need, it hath been decreed we are to not allow our former friend the luxury of doing anything freely or within what we consider our territory. Our territory happens to extend to dragon lairs, in our minds at least. So after wind of his call to arms was heard by the mighty Morrrad and the notorious Xuntzu, our own call to arms was put out to our clan to wreak havoc, and generally cause as much destruction and angst as we could. As it turns out, everyone was afk, so four of us, the aforementioned Morrrad and Xuntzu, the inimical Ralok, and of course myself, the maniacal Wuolong, set out to set right the wrongs of the world, and destroying the innocent, whom are never as innocent as they appear to be.

After preparing ourselves in the confines of the Dark Syndicate town, we counted down, and deviously phased to our target, Liono. No doubt confused as to why three heavily armed warriors and one mage in what appeared to be rags and a slingshot, who he did not invite, were now standing before him. We quickly answered his unspoken question, by heading down into the depths of the dragonlair. Just one room in, we found several hopeful adventurers preparing for the battle ahead against dragon hatchlings and undead crusaders. To their surprise, and most likely dismay, one of their number, Zenn, swiftly joined the ranks of the undead crusaders. Confused by the sudden death of one of their compatriots, the rest of the brave dragon slayers stood there as the Xuntzu and Ralok tore through their armor with deadly accuracy. Finally motivated into action, by all the blood loss to be sure, Katok and Naia quickly fled for their lives. The brave Betara was not so fortunate. After waggling my fingers and removing her strongest defensive spells, Xuntzu put an end to her suffering, with a a dagger slipped between her shoulderblades.

Soon able to regroup and after several of their friends arrived, the dragon hunters put up stiff resistence for several minutes, driving us off successfully for a brief respite. After one last kamikaze attack, Liono had enough. After what appeared to be words uttered in anger, as they were in all capitals, and were the words "STOP STOP WE ARE TRYING TO LAIR", Liono realized the futility of it all and must have finally felt resigned to his fate, deciding it was too dangerous to attempt the assault on the deadly lair with the Gravis Negotium Soldiers relentlessly assaulting them. Liono abandoned his attempt.

After congratulating ourselves on the destruction and havoc we had wrought, the four soldiers toasted to future victories, and the further torment of all who dare betray us.


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