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Massacre at the Fire Giants Keep
by Wuolong

It was a stormy night, lightning glistened off the night sky. Thunder rolled in the distance, rising to a crescendo as it boomed across the land. As happens occasionally the world was thrown into utter chaos and disarray. Our alter-egos were inaccessible for a short period of time as the world faded from existence only to reappear minutes later with all manner of things to pursue for one interested enough. One thing that appeal to many are the dreaded catacombs, however, the entrance to this maze of traps and deadly beasts was to be found in a place even more feared......the fire giants keep.

Wanting to put their skills, and immense numbers to good use, clantown 105 hurriedly gathered their forces and headed for the entrance, inside the zone where if you die the chaos will consume you, and most likely your hard fought equipment will be in the possession of someone else. After gathering easily twice the amount of people as any other town could put up against them, they went inside, and waited.

Knowing that fighting against three times our numbers would be a futile attempt, the generous and loved soldiers of Negotium and their fellow soldiers in the Honor clan town decided to not allow the viciousness of the Horde town go unmolested and we set ourselves up as peacekeepers to warn our fellow Medievians of the danger inside the keep. This warning came in the form of countless npk deaths to many heros of our land including the dotard Antons and the infamous Anothe.

By the end of the night, as the storm abated, and the rain tapered off, blood was spattered all across the once green pathways leading towards the keep, and although some may question the benevolence of repeatedly killing those innocents attempting to find the entrance, I ask you this, better to die a thousand deaths of neutrality, or one death of chaos?


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